Your 2019 Summer Fashion Style

If you are trying to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, it might get overwhelming.. from the social media posts, fashion blogs, fashion magazines, to the runways around the world and finally to the celebrities wearing the most shocking outfits, you start questioning what is fashion, what do I wear, who do I follow? Fashion is so subjective and really is what and how you make it work for you.

Since each woman is unique and has her own style and her own personality, most of the suggested trends might not work on the majority of women. So, we have to pick and choose what makes us feel unique, feminine, empowered, beautiful, comfortable, glowing, feeling and us on top of the world. What we wear and how we feel plays a major role in our success, in business, in relationships, in public speaking engagements, in dating and etc. So, let’s look at the latest trends to find a unique style for our unique personalities.

Looking at the latest trends and runway collections
there are a lot of choices in regards to style, colors, designs, cuts, fabrics and etc. The hardest thing is to narrow down what looks, feels and flows best on you, on your body and finally what gives you the most self-confidence that radiates from within. At the end of the day, it’s all about who we are. We will never feel or look good wearing something that completely goes against our being.

I feel that this year is all about the expression of feminine energy and female empowerment. Starting with neutral and earth tones connecting with the mother earth and creating looks like you are vacationing in Bali, wearing amulet jewelry, raffia accessories and lots of crochet and knitted pieces modernly combined with various fabrics, these designs are for women who always seek and appreciate the natural look, hand crafted neutrals, artisan sacks, bamboo bags, scarf dresses, straw bags, natural fibers and warm weather textures such as cotton and linen.

Those who want more color, floral prints in so many forms are huge this season. It looks like a lot of designers are really connecting and looking close at nature, reflecting its beauty onto the fabric. Blooms and blossoms flourished all over runways this year, making a floral wearable for everyone. From head to toe, starting with a scarf down to the flower printed shoes or boots, you can rock any event if you feel comfortable wearing lots of florals. Even if you have not worn any floral dresses or outfits since you were a teenager, you might reconsider and get some of those beautiful dresses out of your closet or buy some new ones. Those are subtle colors, sensual styles, silk scarf patterns, with the hottest color being yellow and all shades of it: lemon verbena, turmeric, pastel yellow as well as pink, rose, lilac, lavender, coral. If you can combine florals and butterflies, you will become the biggest fashion icon this season. Anything and everything nature, that is blooming, singing, flying around us – is absolutely in 2019.

Couture lovers – if you are into the ruffles, bubble skirts, fine tulle, balloon sleeves
and big volume dresses, you will definitely make a statement. The couture dresses tend to be more wearable this season with fabulous shapes and big volume.

Next big thing this season are feathers. Feathers are everywhere and in a very dramatic way. From feather-accented pieces, to feather decorated shoes, to feather bags, to dresses with huge ostrich or peacock accents, feathers are an absolute hit this season. If you are a feather girl – you will definitely make a fashion statement this year. The bigger the feathers are, the more impressive your outfit or an accessory will look. So, don’t be afraid to be bold and go big on those feathers.

And don’t forget the animal prints! If you love animal prints, cheetah, zebra and snakeskin prints are really in this season. It goes for skirts, shirts, dresses, coats, even shoes and handbags.

And finally, another big thing are the artistic creations and the collaborations with the artists. More and more often we see big name designers collaborating with the artists to create prints from their paintings. This season especially, you can see all kinds of art hitting the runways
around the globe. From pop art, to abstracts, to graffiti patterns and finally to fine art paintings of faces and portraits, flowers and butterflies, unique visions and nature, these bespoke colorful designs are being showcased all around the world. If you are someone who loves art and fashion fused into one, you should definitely express yourself through art.
As you see, there is a lot to choose from in styles, silhouettes, patterns, colors, forms of art and prints in 2019. Don’t be shy or afraid to stand out this season, to be bold, to be expressive, just remember to choose what feels right and what best reflects your beautiful being as a woman, as an influencer, as an entrepreneur, as a speaker, as a female, as an empowered, self-confident and an extraordinary woman that you are.

Jurate Luckaite
Founder and Creator at Violeta Lucce