Why You Need a Business Coach and How to Find One

         Why You Need a Business Coach and How to Find One

Article written by Eleanor Wyatt

Running your own business means wearing many hats. When your schedule is consistently packed to its limit, it can be tough
to know whether you’re making the right decisions for your business. You just don’t have the time to sit down and evaluate your options. Things need to get done now!

Thankfully, you don’t have to go at it alone. Whether you’re facing daily business challenges or
preparing your company for that next big step, hiring a business coach will make your path
clear. In the Limelight Media outlines a few things you need to know about hiring a business

DIY-Friendly Tools

First, it’s important to remember that hiring a business coach isn’t the only way to solve your
business-related challenges. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t hire a coach, turn to helpful
websites, services, and educational resources. For example, to get a good handle on how to

launch your venture, you can use the ZenBusiness – Start a Business Guide, which outlines
steps like creating a business plan and how to get a tax ID, all the way through picking a
standout business name and ideal location for operations. And if you want to form an LLC but
avoid the cost of hiring a lawyer, use an affordable online formation service to file your formation
paperwork. Just be sure to check state rules around forming an LLC before moving forward.

You can also leverage DIY-friendly online tools to make business management a little easier.

For example, you can make a logo quickly with a free online custom creation tool. Using this
convenient tool gives you access to a wealth of free logo templates you can customize in
addition to free images and fonts to make your business’s logo stand out from the competition
and instantly catch the attention of potential clients and customers.

Signs You Need a Coach

A business coach will bring invaluable skills, perspectives, and strategies to your business. You
don’t have to wait for insurmountable challenges to come your way before hiring a business
coach. If you just need to bounce ideas off someone or get clear on the steps you need to take
to reach your next goal, G.E. Wood notes that a business coach can act as an excellent
sounding board and source of advice.

On the other hand, you may notice a few signs that you or your business is struggling and could
benefit from the guidance of a professional coach. For example, if you’re working too many

hours and accomplishing less than you would like, a business coach can help you automate
time-consuming tasks, delegate extra work to your employees, and outsource big projects to
external agencies. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to identify inefficiencies within
your organization.

Often, your own well-being will indicate whether or not you need help. Feeling stressed, burned
out, discouraged, frustrated, or stuck in the same routine are a few sure signs that it’s time to
work with a business coach. You can also look at your business performance to decide if you
should hire a coach. For example, if your business is experiencing decreased profits or a lack of
repeat customers, a coach can offer some solutions to foster growth.

How to Find the Right Coach

Take your time finding the right business coach. You want to hire someone who meshes well
with your personality, possesses solid coaching skills, and has experience working with
business owners in your industry. Turn to your professional networks for referrals or research
online reviews for local coaches in your area.

Before committing to a coach, make sure you’re both on the same page. Ask for a
complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and ensure your coach can offer solutions.
This is also a good opportunity to ask your coach for success stories from previous clients.
Toggl Track suggests asking your coach questions about their experience, values,

communication styles, and included services. Your consultation will ensure you and your coach
are compatible so you will look forward to meetings and get the most out of each coaching


Hiring a professional coach is a great way to elevate your business. Even if everything is
running smoothly and you feel confident in your entrepreneurial abilities, a professional coach
can offer a fresh perspective to help you optimize your decisions. Start looking for your new
business coach today!

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