What’s in Your Gift Bag? Art!


As we get ready to celebrate a new holiday season, let’s get all hands on deck to help those in need. This doesn’t mean just donating what you can afford or spending less money during these trying times. Getting involved to be of service, no matter how small, help contribute to society in ways that matter.

The art world offers fantastic opportunities to give gifts to others because so many artists are eager to share their talents. When exchanging gifts with friends and family, consider how impactful and meaningful a gift art can be. Art is something your loved ones will cherish, and it supports an artist’s career. Perhaps a gift card to spend at a gallery would make a great gift for someone who’d like to explore their preferences for a certain style or form of art.

Drawings, sculptures, or paintings of all genres make for wonderful choices!

Art Increases Value Over Time

If you’re not familiar with how to purchase art, keep in mind that most works of art increase in value over time. With that in mind, buying artwork for your loved ones or clients is actually very easy and fun!

Here are three places you can go to find affordable art:

1. Open studios. Open studios are group shows by local artists. They provide great ways to see many kinds of art. You may meet the creators and be inspired to check out their websites or other forms of social media for more information.

2. Online Galleries. Online galleries usually have affordable prices, especially if you’re only interested in one piece instead of an entire collection.

3. Art Associations and Co-ops. Your friendly neighborhood arts association may host events where members will be selling pieces from their own collections.

How to Choose an Artist to Support

Finding an artist to support can be fun and rewarding. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an artist to support during your holiday shopping:

First, think about your budget. Most artists will have different tiers of pricing based on size and media, so choose what works best for you—and don’t rule out supporting emerging artists just because they’re not established in their field yet!

Next, look at their past work. What inspires you? Do some research online to get a feel for how an artist’s style has evolved. Is there anything from their portfolio that jumps out at you? Do you see a piece that would look great hanging on your wall? If so, that’s an excellent place to start. Check current listings and see if there’s something similar available right now—or email the artist directly with questions about whether they have any pieces like what caught your eye.

Finally, decide where you’d like to support an artist. Depending on where you live, you may have many options for buying direct from galleries or fairs throughout your community—but if not, you might want to give up-and-coming artists on platforms such as Etsy a chance.

Consider Gifting Art Supplies!

Do you have friends who love art? Consider gifting them supplies. When you are shopping for holiday gifts, you might want to consider purchasing an art palette instead of any other knickknack. Art supplies are generally less expensive than buying a person something they’ll toss in a drawer after a few months, and they can be used over and over again! Perhaps your gift will inspire someone to become an artist.

Offer to Purchase Used Palettes

Offer to buy the used palettes of artists. Can you imagine how much someone would pay now to have a palette that van Gogh used to paint “Starry Night?” Artist palettes are fascinating, full of texture and vibrant colors, and can be mounted as original artworks. Have the artist sign it for you and voilá! you have art that will never go out of style. You can even frame it as a great original.

Supporting the arts is a contribution to humanity. Whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a beautiful photograph, art can be appreciated by anyone. Plus, there are many ways to give art as a gift. For example, you can buy artwork for yourself or even order prints online.

Ultimately, when thinking of a gift, understand the value that you will bring into the world, the value you’ll share with your loved ones, the value of your support to the artist, the value of time, love, beauty, creativity, and appreciation.

I think we can all agree at this point that health, joy, and having one another is the best gift of all. Creating meaningful connections, spending time with loved ones, and sharing memories of loved ones who’ve passed will be the best gifts in this season.

After the past few years, our values have changed, and with that, the value of the gift. As you consider the giving of gifts, consider creating valuable contributions to individuals whose career is dedicated to bringing beauty into the world and helping us, one artwork at a time, to see our world with a beautiful perspective. Support an artist this holiday season and give the gift of art.