What Really Lies Beneath Exchange?

Article by RUTH EVELYN

Passive. Active. Pro-active. These are the participatory partners within exchange. Air is the passive partner inside the intake and exhale of breath. Buyer and seller are active partners at your local farmer’s market. Artists and entrepreneurs are proactive partners with their dreams as they bring their creative visions into physical reality.

In truth, we are all partners of exchange in every moment of our days and nights. It’s the energy vibrating beneath those moments of exchange that accumulate and become the quality of your daily life and outcomes.

To maintain quality in your daily life and outcomes, the air you breathe should be fresh and healthy. Ideally, the financial remuneration given at purchase in the active exchange of buyer and seller should be of equal value to the quality, effort, and cost of the product or service offered. The equal measure energy within exchange is what supports the balance of health and economy because it leaves no seen or unseen system in deficit.

If the air you breathe is unclean, the product you purchase is defective, the money you pay is inadequate, or you feel uncertain as you bring your business to life, those points of imbalance are where inequality becomes a factor. Left unchecked, the vibration of inequality manifests as a key factor leading the quality of life into deficit or unfair advantage. What lies beneath exchange matters—it materializes—as the foundation that becomes your life and its outcomes.

We live in a world of choices too often made without comprehending the power of energy conspiring in our unseen layers. What lies beneath every conscious moment is a system in constant momentum that attempts to maintain natural equilibrium for a productive quality of life and outcomes. When its flow—its momentum—is diverted from maintaining a natural state of health and well-being because it compensates for moments or accumulations of imbalance, natural health and economy are put at risk.

You are a human being who experiences a multitude of exchanges that happen in a single day. It is impossible to manage the values present to wholly protect your systems from inadvertent cracks, unequal measures, or out-and-out attacks from other human choices or outside forces.

What can be done about it? On a daily basis, find your center balance and step from there. In doing so, you will have touched upon the fulcrum of exchange that, with practice, will inform you the moment an exchange becomes unequal. As you grow to know what your balanced center feels like, you will sense inequality as it happens. Well attuned, an unequal exchange can be sensed before it is about to take place. Acting on this level of intuition gives you the opportunity to take proactive, corrective measures.

Everyone wants to flourish. Flourishing is the standard supported by the kind regard between the giver and receiver. It optimizes a yours-mine-ours kind of inclusion where deficit and manipulation do not exist. In the absence of detriment, well-being roots and thrives.

It would be easy to ignore this unseen reality and pretend it doesn’t matter. Yet, what lies beneath your daily exchanges matters and accumulates, then materialize as evidence in your personal health and economy. These materializations energetically attract the kind of outside world you perceive and live within.

Know what lies beneath exchange. Choose to exchange mindfully, and flourish from there.