There are endless opportunities waiting for you only if you look for them…

In these interesting times of the unknown, we are constantly reevaluating our lives, our thoughts and our choices. Every day, every moment, every second we are creating… consciously or unconsciously. Depending on our awareness and belief system we choose and operate in a certain reality and attract such reality that matches our vibrations. In any situation, even such as a global pandemic, we CAN choose how we react, we CAN choose what information enters our minds and we CAN choose how to act upon it. Depending on what we choose, we attract more of that because we are tuning into that vibration. 


When you understand that you can be in control of your life and you trust the Universe to always guide you in the right direction, you don’t allow fear to enter your mind or your reality.  You either control your life or you accept to be controlled and having no choice but to drift. Drifting through life means going with the flow and not really thinking for yourself. It is easy to fall into drifting because that is how many people operate on this earth. They turn the TV on and follow what they are being fed constantly, which is fear. Pulling people into a state of fear means being in control of their minds. If you think for yourself, you are not a match for that vibration. You now are connecting with the great storehouse and the information of Infinite Intelligence; you are feeding your awareness and not your fear.


Just before the global pandemic, my business and I was on the rise in so many ways: I was invited to film and interview for Donna Drake show in NYC about my green and environmentally conscious brand Violeta Lucce, I got our hand-painted masterpieces into the most prestigious gallery in Miami, I was meeting and getting ready to sign contracts with multiple hotels for our soon to be published children’s book on plastic pollution in the oceans, I was invited to more events I could possibly attend showcasing our art couture… and the pandemic happened. Everything changed so drastically that I was in shock not even knowing how to move forward in this situation. The gallery went bankrupt and was forced to close for good. The hotels stopped their operations, the book got postponed and the sales went to zero. 


In such situation it is easy to fall into a lower frequency that operates based out of fear. In Napoleon Hill book “Outwitting the Devil” Devil says: “One of my cleverest devices for mind control is FEAR…” 

“Recognize the truth that fear generally is a filler with which the Devil occupies the unused portion of your mind. It is only a state of mind which you can control by filling the space it occupies with faith in your ability to make life provide you with whatever you demand of it”. Napoleon Hill


In this moment I had a choice, to fall victim to fear and allow it to control my mind and my life or to rise above and trust that the Universe is always providing us with new opportunities.

Being an advocate for green and conscious fashion and the clean, plastic free oceans, I always strive to bring awareness and find solutions to reduce plastic pollution. 

During this pandemic, I instantly noticed a major problem: disposable masks and gloves being thrown everywhere in the parking lots and on the streets, left in the grocery carts. This is another huge plastic problem that will make its way into the oceans. I had to find a solution of how to fight this plastic monster. So, I did it… I changed the ugly look into the beautiful look by creating hand-painted on natural 100% silk face masks that I call face accessories that can later be worn as scarves with the silk bag for storage. As soon as I posted the very first Violeta Lucce face mask, it sold in few minutes. Women absolutely loved them and the idea that they can still look beautiful wearing a face accessory rather than an ugly disposable mask. This was the moment when I realized that I will not allow fear to take away everything I have created; I just had to shift few gears and look for new opportunities. I learned in life that when you look for the opportunities, the opportunities show up, you just must recognize them and take an aligned action. Being aware and being able to adapt saved me from drifting. Today we have more custom orders than we did before and while I am doing this on a small scale, I am eliminating disposable plastic and synthetic masks and creating art that women can wear and feel beautiful not having to hide under the ugly plastic shield.



Founder / CEO at Violeta Lucce