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[blockquote align=”center”]”I’ve done a ton of interviews in my day, and Clarissa’s, by far, is absolutely one of the best.”

Dawn Wells (Maryann from Gilligan’s Island)


[blockquote align=”center”]”In the last eight years since I founded, I’ve been interviewed countless times. My conversation with Clarissa was not only informative as it’s clear she does her research, but fun as she puts the interviewee at ease with her friendly, casual style.”

Michelle King Robson – Founder EmpowHer


[blockquote align=”center”]”Clarissa is not only a good friend with a giving heart, but a true media professional whether behind or in front of the camera.   Her quick wit and intelligence make for a fun and informative interview.  It’s a joy to be on her show!”

Frank Shankwitz – Founder Make-a-Wish Foundation


[blockquote align=”center”]”Amidst the gilded branches and butterflied of the Childhelp Enchanted Forest Luncheon and Fashion Show, your golden heart shone. Thank you so much for your contribution which was essential to making this stellar event such a success. You are such a blessing!”


Sara O’ Meara – Chairman and CEO

Yvonne Fedderson – President


[blockquote align=”center”]”It was such a pleasure being on your wonderful show. Having been apart of hundreds of interviews, it was refreshing to work with a true pro. I am confident the listeners were inspired by our dialogue and content presented. There is such a need today for positive, uplifting media programs. Obviously you spend considerable time and effort to develop quality programming.

I wish you continued success as you have helped so may others achieve success.”

Tom Hopkins

Builder of Sales Champions


[blockquote align=”center”]”I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clarissa Burt for being the Key note speaker in this year’s AWAR Charity Event, “Promoting the Future of Tomorrow’s Women. Clarissa’s generous participation and invaluable ideas have helped us to build the foundation of the Girls’ Town Mentoring Program.”

Jacqueline Falk Maggi – President American Women’s Association of Rome


[blockquote align=”center”]”I’ve done a bunch of radio shows promoting my New York Times best seller, Rule #1, but Clarissa Burt’s interview was more fun than anything I’ve done on the radio.  She covered all the required stuff and then she got me going on all sorts of fun subjects that bring out the story behind the story.  She is such a super star.  Clarissa, any time.”

Phil Town

Author of Rule #1


[blockquote align=”center”]”Keep up the good work. I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing….you’re helping millions of people help themselves.   If there were more people in the world like Clarissa it would be a better world.”

Jack LaLanne


[blockquote align=”center”]”What you just said is absolutely brilliant…….”

Dr. John Gray

Author Venus and Mars


[blockquote align=”center”]”The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is honored to have Clarissa Burt as a member of our community. Clarissa’s years of experience in Italy as a model, actress and entrepreneur give value to the connection that we strive to create. Clarissa has helped promote the arts as well as numerous charity events. Her style, poise and knowledge of the world of television production as well as her ability to engage a group of people, large or small, is nothing short of phenomenal. Clarissa is able to turn any event into a celebrity happening.”

Mary Anne Desmond

Italian American Chamber of Commerce

Executive Coordinator


[blockquote align=”center”]”Clarissa Burt explodes the stereotypes not only of world class fashion models!  You are so down to earth, sharp and informed, and humble. Your show was a fun, fast-paced conversation with an intelligent friend. Your journalist’s polish made it easy to talk about my unusual story of working in both the White House and Senate and also the NFL. People looking for good news and dynamic, character-filled leadership – and lots of laughter – will find it on your captivating show!”

Nick Lowery – NFL Superstar


[blockquote align=”center”]”Imagine for just a moment what could happen to your life if you suddenly became awakened to your true magnificence, illuminated by your inner genius and inspired by your hidden power. The Clarissa Burk Show is all this and more.  I loved being on your radio show.  It was first class… alive, informative, and entertaining. Top quality is what I give it as a rating. I have had the opportunity to be interviewed on over 1000 shows around the world. Yours is one of the greatest. Your team is fabulous. Thank you for shining so brightly.”

Dr. John Demartini

Demartini Institute

Dedicated to Expanding Human Awareness & Potential


[blockquote align=”center”]”Clarissa Burt is a multi-talented entrepreneur, writer, and speaker.  She was motivating and inspirational when she spoke to our students.   Clarissa is also a superb networker with incredible connections and is always willing to help other entrepreneurs and businesses.”

David Y Choi, Ph.D., Director, Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship, Loyola Marymount University


[blockquote align=”center”]”Since I met Clarissa ten years ago, I consider her not only a friend but a consummate professional. Her interviewing style is straight to the point with a light-hearted edge. Clarissa truly cares about her audience and works hard to see that they get the information necessary to make educated decisions.”

Dr. Mikel Harry, Co-Creator of Six Sigma, National Best Selling Author and Architect of The Great Discovery


[blockquote align=”center”]”I’ve known Clarissa for years. Her integrity and professionalism together with her light-hearted sense of humor make her both informative and entertaining. Clarissa lights up every room she enters.”

Sharon Lechter -Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women – Co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad Poor Dad


[blockquote align=”center”]”Clarissa on stage or off is the essence of class, sophistication and grace! What else could a woman ask for?”

Greg Reid – Author Three Feet From Gold, Motivational Speaker, Filmmaker