Spending June and July of this year back in Italy where I lived for 30 years was truly not only a much-needed break, but absolute Heaven! It’s such a blast rekindling with old friends, but some of the new ones I made were completely unexpected! Needless to say, I gained a few not much-needed pounds, but, you know what they say…”When in Rome”!   So I did as the Romans do….eat! And I ate! A lot! Everything just tasted so good!

One of the highlights during this summer working vacation was the Profilo Donna award bestowed upon me by Founder, Cristina Bicchocci, along with nine other Italian entrepreneurial women superstars.   Broadcast by Italian tv, our stories were told during a warm summer night in a brightly lit piazza in Formigine close to Modena. One by one we rose to accept our awards, each one a unique piece of sculptured glass…truly magnificent.   It was an honor for me to be receiving this twenty five year old coveted award along with women of such strength, wisdom and courage.

After the awards ceremony…yep! You guessed it! Dinner! So I ate again! (But it tasted so good!) Anyway, I had the best time chatting the evening away with famed legend film star Gina Lollobridiga!   She is as gracious as ever and at 84 years old just as beautiful!   ProfiloDonna.com



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