Mrs. Gondi Lata Lincoln

I was born and brought up in India. From early childhood I was seeking the truth. We have 300 million gods in India, I was worshiping these gods but I was not satisfied as I could see no godly qualities in them.  Finally, I gave up on the gods. Since I was a student of science, I came to believe the evolution theory being taught. I was a brilliant student and wanted to become a doctor, but it was not allowed for me. In India there is a dowry system. Girls who go for higher education means parents have to bring a husband who has even higher qualifications and it costs them a lot of money. I had to become a teacher.


By the time I was 18, my parents picked a husband for me and I was married. By 21, I had 2 children and was disillusioned, believing there was no god.


But God had not given up on me….one afternoon, a man came to my door to talk to me about the living God.  I didn’t want to listen. I was tired of searching for God all my life. I was so rude to him and shut the door in his face. The man was not leaving (praise God)! Eventually, I gave my heart to Jesus! I became a Christian! I cannot explain how excited I was! I had been searching my whole life, I was sooo happy!


At the same time, I got a little sad, why did I have to search 21 years before finding God? I made up my mind, I’m going to talk to every child about Jesus. No one should have to search for 21 years before they find the truth. So, I started training and equipping for childrens ministry to become a child evangelist.


Thirty-seven years completed! The one who called me to do that job, the ministry for children, has blessed me and I am still doing it!  Through the children, the families also came to the Lord. Because of that, we planted churches in many, many villages. We led thousands and thousands of children into Gods kingdom, connecting the kids to the savior, to the creator. I’ve trained thousands of people who will go and win children for Christ.


God gave me a burden for the many orphans in India and I raised them for Jesus, giving them food, shelter and education. I have 3 orphanages. Many of these children have come from unbelievable circumstances, some were sold to prostitution homes where I was able to purchase them and bring them up in the orphanages. So many precious souls have been saved from child trafficking, starvation and death. From the early years, I starting by bringing orphans into my home to raise and now in my orphanages. My children from the orphanages go to school, study and they’re raised up in the love of Jesus. They have gone on to become teachers, pastors, doctors, engineers…all over the world…some even in the US now.


God also burdened my heart for the widows. Many in my country are widowed at an early age, even in their 20s with children and have no means of support.  I started teaching them about the love of Jesus, training them with sewing machines. They learned to make beautiful items to sell, also being able to do mending, becoming self-supporting in their small villages.


I praise God! There’s only one life which God gave and I want to celebrate Jesus with this life!  I will continue to be a light for the people who are in darkness.  I have started schools for them; childrens homes for them, widows homes and tailoring schools for them. From all this, my ministry has grown. There is my television ministry (where many people were reached especially during the extreme shut downs in India). There is my radio ministry. I have met people in my travels who listened to my ministry programs on the radio as a child and were brought into God’s kingdom. They come to me and say Auntie Lata, I’ve listened to your stories and am so happy to meet you in person. There are many ways to impact my nation, hungry for the living God. I’m sharing my vision with the pastors and they are catching my vision. They’re sending volunteers to me so I can train them for the childrens ministry work.


My wish is one day the Hindu country of India will be won for Jesus and will become a Christian country. That’s my dream, that’s my goal!  It’s a never ending job winning children for Jesus… and training people to work for winning children to Jesus.


I’m seeking partners who will stand with me and help me to win my nation to Jesus! I need prayer partners. I seek supporters and investors. I need YOU!

(Lata Lincoln may be contacted through her Facebook page)