Miracles and Money- An Energy Exchange


Money is an energy, a vibration. Whether paper or coins, the cash you see is that energy being real in the physical world. How do you view it?

Some people view money with a fear that it won’t last, so they hoard it, sock it in a bank account, invest it, and constantly worry how it will be spent or if it will go down in value. When you are nervous about money, perhaps overwhelmed with its management, the money leaves and finds another home. It’s what happens with most people. You aren’t “most people!”

There is a concept about money that a lot of people live by and even try to teach others. It’s the law of attraction. In order to see your blessings and encourage more to come, you must be in a receiving state of mind and manifest what you believe is meant for you.

But money is a tricky thing. You have to work hard for it, but you can’t chase it too vigorously otherwise it will seem to keep running away from you. Instead, be receptive to it and let it flow freely into your life, nourish it, and take care of its home so it stays with you and grows even more.

To achieve this abundance, you have to find peace with the idea of money and then with money in its physical state. Be comfortable with it and trust that you know how to treat it once in your possession. Create an environment where money wants to be.

Although it seems a bit silly to personify money, the energy you put out and receive around it prepares you either for an inflow of “money vibration” and “cash energy” or lack.

Would you like to find your money miracle?

My friend found a way. She keeps a money miracle journal. Whenever something amazing, special, or completely random happens with an exchange of cash, she writes it down in a journal dedicated just to the flow of money. When something dire and seemingly unfixable occurs, she writes down how it resolved. Her money observations become small miracles that build upon each other to give her the best miracle ever: feelings of abundance!

Here’s how she does it:

o Keep a dedicated journal to write money-making actions you’ve taken

o Write successes you experienced with money (such as paying off credit cards, bumping up retirement savings, beginning an emergency fund, or making a good investment)

o Review your journal every month to get a true picture of money’s energy flow

o Reflect on your money miracle journal whenever fear or insecurity approach

Your money miracle journal is a way of writing your dreams into existence and solidifying the successes you already achieved. Seeing such powerful ambitions on paper can transform the way you view yourself in relation to your noted successes. News that seemed great turns amazing when you see beyond the simple transaction and into the energy. It allows you to deepen your relationship with your dreams as actual future realities rather than things only obtainable when you’re in a deep sleep.

Your money miracle journal gives you a place of serious reflection. While your focus should be positive, it is also necessary to balance your fears and insecurities around money—and this journal is a safe place to do so. Facing and addressing your fears is how you remove the blocks that impede your process of attracting money and success. The reality is that money—and exchange—sometimes do involve negatives such as fear, insecurity, betrayal, and distrust.

The most effective way to neutralize the negatives is to take action—and always use your actions as reality checks. When you write about the positive steps you’ve taken and are taking with regard to understanding money’s energy and your own, you’ll stay focused and know that you are indeed doing everything you need to be doing to keep good energy flowing.