CLOSE UP with PS Privette by Lynda Samuels

I’ve had the privilege of knowing, and working with, a woman whose character and drive opened doors and formed professional relationships with industry leaders looking to rebrand, remarket, and reposition their business and products. Her dedication to her clients were, and continue to be, first and foremost in her day to day living. And every day every step she took opened doors not only for her clients, but ultimately formulating the foundation of one of her greatest success stories to date … the formulation of New York Fashion Week’s most recognized features. Once again, I invite you to enjoy my conversation with this month’s CLOSE UP … with PS Privette.

When we first met, you were the life behind one of pageantry’s most sought-after news anchors, PageantLive. What was it about that arena that sparked the birth of PageantLive?
My daughter Paige Clark. the founder of PageantLIVE, competed in pageants while in high school. Paige began competing in pageants to open doors and create contacts in the fashion industry. PageantLIVE first launched in 2012 using Google Hangouts as its platform. Having a technology background, I handled the technology side of the PageantLIVE.     The pageant industry loved having an ability to discuss their systems, platforms and interest. At this time, PageantLIVE was the only media outlet bringing together people from around the world and later evolving into the first onsite Red Carpet interviews being held at pageants to include Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss World America, Miss United States, Miss Earth USA, Classic International Woman and many other incredible systems.      Please check out and our YouTube Channel to review our work.

How did PageantLive, its clients, its experiences, help you in your decision to focus more on branding and marketing?

My focus changed when I incorporated my Business Degree with concentration in Marketing, and the vast exposure and knowledge of pageantry while working with the Owners, Executive Directors, National Directors and International Directors, consulting, advertising and marketing.    This also led me to the launching of hiTechMODA Fashion Show creating a runway of opportunity for what I like to call “crossover” models.  These are the young ladies and women who are utilizing pageantry to open doors in the Fashion Industry and other applicable fields.     After raising two successful daughters, spending twenty years in the military mentoring women and men, it was clear to me after high school if you are not a college athlete the platforms for opportunity start limiting themselves. This is why people look for other legitimate opportunities.       My last fashion show in NYC had four presidents of modeling agencies and scouts in the audience to have the hiTechMODA Runway Experience. and I was able to highlight my sponsors, designers, and models.

What was it about this line of work that you found exciting and satisfying?
Creating Opportunities!!   And not just talk about creating Opportunities!!        


Our paths crossed again soon after you gave birth to your greatest achievement yet … hiTechMODA. Clearly your drive and passion for perfection formed the foundation for hiTechMODA becoming one of New York Fashion Week’s most talked-about show. Give us some insight on what key elements must be put into place before launching an event like that.
My greatest achievement to date are my children, my twenty-year military career, and after that …. hiTechMODA!     The key success behind hiTechMODA is my team. I have an all-female executive staff who work together restlessly and in harmony debunking the myth women cannot successfully and efficiently work together. We do have men who work alongside, assisting us to create the hiTechMODA experience. We work as one!     I can’t thank enough Catherine Schuller, Creative Director and Curator; Brenda Jameson, VP of Operations; Special thanks to Holly Lynch, Director of Launch Models and Talent; Patrick McNelis, Editor; Preston and Xzavier, Del Monsoon Consulting and the many other people who make our events happen. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 06: <> NYFW Powered By hiTechMODA on September 06, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for hiTechMODA)

Can you give us an inside look into your February and September 2020 shows?

February 8, 2020 will be one you will not want to miss!!  We are at National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey for Season 3.   Our after party starting at 10:00 pm until 12:30 am will be in the exhibits within the Ocean Odyssey Exhibit!! We are so excited to have such an amazing opportunity to showcase sustainable swimsuit designers, dance team in the 60,000 square-foot venue filled with real animation, virtual interaction with sea lions, experiencing rays and dolphins coming face-to-face with humpback whales. We would like to thank National Geographic Encounter for allowing this experience for our guests.  There will be OPPORTUNITIES for both designers and models for Times Square Billboards and more!       We are also thinking outside of the box and September 2020 will promise to continue amazing everyone. hiTechMODA is the perfect blend of opening doors to our designers and models, but also entertaining our audience. You can NOT find a fashion show during NYFW with our production level at a reasonable price point.  Please check out our website at.

They say life is book, full of many chapters. What are some of the Chapter titles in your book that we will be looking forward to reading?

Number one …  Author PS Privette on the New York Best Seller List    and number two  …   It’s a wonderful life