Your True Self: Friend or Foe?

Article by Maureen Pisani

Everyone goes through life setting goals. Whether you achieve those goals or not depends on whether your true self supports your desires or vetoes your efforts. Your true self is who you truly are inside, in the deep recesses of your unconscious mind. Is your true self your friend…or is it your foe? Within the first few years of life, you build a library of knowns —attributes, characteristics, weaknesses, likes, dislikes—your true self. You continue observing, learning, and accruing more information, opinions, methodologies of how to approach life all the way through the wise old age of 8. Once your self-identity is set, you tend to ‘rinse and repeat’ patterns of thinking, behavior, and outcomes for the rest of your life because the unconscious mind thrives in homeostasis—the need to stay the same. Once in homeostasis, you will do anything necessary to maintain it. However, as you go through life, the reality of your unconscious homeostasis is that you feel safe repeating what you are accustomed to. The question is: To what has your self-identity become accustomed? What labels/titles have you received? Which ones do you own? Who do you truly believe you are? What do you believe you deserve? If your surroundings and personal learnings in the initial eight years of life were that of strife, struggle, and chaos, then it’s not exactly a surprise when your current life is a continuation of all that. The irony is that for those who have had this as their background, they are so accustomed to it, they are oblivious to it. But…it’s there. It’s bothering them on many levels, but because it’s been there for their entire life, it’s just become like background noise. It’s quite unfortunate that they’re not even aware of how much harder they’re making life for themselves because they’re simply taking all that chaos as their natural background. People who live in chaos have harder lives. They suffer from more stress, and struggle more to complete projects. Basically, it’s harder for them to be successful because their true self— through their unconscious programming—needs to stay in struggle. At their core, they don’t believe they deserve to be successful, so they go through the motions of wanting it, working towards it, but never achieving it fully.When your surroundings and what you learned in those essential imprint years were of support, growth, abundance, success, peace of mind, and love, then it truly isn’t a surprise when today as an adult, you find yourself setting and achieving your goals. Your self-identity has been programmed with a positive attitude and organization, follow-through, consistency, persistence, and continuity lead you to continuous successful outcomes. They are automatic. You function from a self-identity where success, happiness, abundance, and triumphant outcomes are always available, and yours to manifest! Look back a few years. How far have you come? Assess how much you’ve improved, adapted, grown, and evolved. Most people, most of the time, have it within their true selves that they deserve better, so they do take necessary steps to improve. However, some people are still playing the games of negative and limited thinking, the programming that was their truth, imposed on them when they were still children. It’s essential to keep in mind that their unconscious minds have one intention, and that is to keep them safe. And for them, safe means staying within what they are accustomed to. So, does your background, your upbringing, set the unconscious course on how your future will unfold? Yes. Does it include how successful you might have become? Yes. Are you stuck with only what you received in your first eight years of life? No. Is there a way to upgrade your unconscious programming? Yes, absolutely! If you’ve noticed that you’re reliving a pattern that isn’t giving you the results you desire, you are completely empowered to change that old negative pattern and upgrade it to one that will give you the outcomes you dream of, day after day, year after year. Yes, you can…and I’ll show you how to do it. Start by being aware of what your goals are, and whether you’re achieving them. Is your lifestyle what you dreamed it would be? Are you thriving or barely surviving? Are you enjoying your day-to-day life? No? You deserve better and you know that there’s no better time than right now to launch the rest of your life! I recommend skipping the blaming portion of your natural reaction because all that does is keep you stuck in the negative. Please jump right into this empowering question: What can I do about it? You can do A LOT! Actually, you can do EVERYTHING to improve! Take a long hard look at yourself. How have you functioned in your life? Do you come from a positive selfidentity where you know that when you set your mind to do something, it’s as good as done? Or do you come from a negative self-identity where you’re the unlucky one, the one whose circumstances are always just too bad, too unfortunate, for anything good to happen? Being and staying in denial has hurt too many people for too long, so please honor and love yourself enough to realize whether your attitude, your thinking, your decisions and/or your behavior are helping or hindering your outcomes. These are all determined by your true self, and subsequently by your self-identity, which is comprised of your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, self-acceptance, and self-love. Here is the call to action: Three methods to use to change your life for the better: Handwrite your goals every night. This action will open your mind to what it is that you truly desire and how safe living those outcomes will be. This is the slowest method. Listen to generic hypnotic MP3s/downloads. These generic recordings offer a ‘broad-stroke’ approach to what your desires and goals are, and help you to start the upgrading process. This method is better than handwriting your goals because it is still too vague for your unconscious mind to upgrade. Work with a hypnotherapist and receive a personalized recording. This is the best way to launch your future with full intention and full effort. Because it’s personalized, suggestions are tailored to you and your future. It’s the easiest method for achieving the best outcome possible. Spend some quality time planning and assessing what kind of future you would be happy living. You deserve to be happy, healthy, joyful, peaceful, abundant, and successful every day of your life! You deserve to be thriving where love, peace of mind, and triumphant outcomes are yours daily! As soon as your unconscious mind receives this new programming…everything you desire will become your reality. Honor yourself. Know yourself. And, live with your true self as your friend.