Written in the Stars: 2022

Watch 2021 escape—and take with it divisive angst, upheavals, and restrictions! After passing the last of three Saturn Uranus squares on December 24, everyone can take a deep breath and move forward into happier times in 2022. From January 19 to April 28 you can open the windows because all of the outer planets moving direct and bringing in some fresh air!

By comparison with 2021, January to July may seem downright serene and certain. January begins with expansive Jupiter joining nebulous Neptune in the sign of Pisces until May 10. Together these two planets create great spiritual awakenings or huge deceptions. Oil, space, water, drugs, film, music, dance, painting, and all creative endeavors receive gifts of creation and abundance, but for some people this can mean over-expansion. Investments in those fields will be in the news; expect the unexpected as in news of underwater or heavenly revelations of either long lost or newly discovered treasures. It’s also a good time for opening a business or real estate investment.

Under the Pisces influence, people have enhanced abilities to understand intuitively what is not being said. As perfect and eternal beings, we will have opportunities to find and comprehend truths that must be revealed. At the same time, be wary of deception and misleading stories; Neptune can weave or unravel. Jupiter first entered Pisces May 13, 2021 but then retrograded back into Aquarius on July 28, 2021. Look back to what was happening in your lives at that time to see what may be rekindled.

Earth’s climate will continue to change; the changes may be manmade to control food supply. Jupiter and Neptune can bring major floods. People living in coastal areas should consider this and take precautions when preparing for spring. Volcanos will also be more active.

Everyone will have the chance to explore their creative abilities and also to consider the dreams they hope to manifest. Take time to explore, practice, and learn a new skill, or, meet new associates or partners of like mind to share ideas. Be open to the ideas of others and consider all viewpoints to get to the truth that Jupiter can bring.fle. When this giant planet enters Mars (driven by Aries) on May 11, it semi-squares revolutionary Uranus. Put plans into action then, and then expect a short reprieve in November and December to look back and see if your creations met with your ideals and are helping others. The Uranus connection may jolt some awake with new passion during spring then repeat with unexpected energy or anxiety on September 28 and December 24. In the U.S., this energy will be in play over the midterm elections on November 8, 2022. It may be a bumpy ride.

Mars can be aggressive or belligerent. Confrontations may happen in the latter half of the year because Jupiter will be expanding those emotions. It will be good to channel your energies into creation and joy and not the negativity or crises that can erupt in violence or military actions of aggression or control. The international stage can become difficult if countries choose to favor ego and nationalism over cooperation and creation. Workable solutions to supply issues and shortages need to happen because transport delays are likely to continue.

Neptune asks that we be wary of disaster capitalism in the name of climate control, and ensure that actions taken and technologies developed are in best interest of the planet and the people, and not just in creating profits.

Affecting all things fluid, Neptune rules alcohol, drugs, and mind altering substances. In 2022, there may be a continued trend toward legalizing recreational drugs. Promotion of drugs may expand even more with Jupiter compounding the influence of Neptune. These planets will be working together to encourage thoughts and ideas beyond the limits of reason, so it will be important to tune into your intuition and trust your knowing to not be hypnotized into foolish investment decisions or promises of greener grass. This has the potential to increase your spiritual awareness, but also to fall prey to a Pied Piper. Choose wise leaders and consider all viewpoints when voting. Take care to not be swayed by promises made with regard to currency. People will be learning to trust again. Uranus in earthy and stubborn Taurus, planet of unexpected change and disruption, is the last outer planet to shake itself off and move out of retrograde early in 2022 on January 18 to August 24 when it retrogrades again until January 2023. Uranus instigates change and in the sign of Taurus which rules currency, food, and banking. There will be shifts in how exchanges based on trust will happen. Taureans, and those with Sun or other planets in Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, can expect changes and opportunities that affect careers and relationships, or plans made in 2021.

Uranus also rules computers, AI, big tech, and people, so currency revolutions, the redefining of values, how to barter, assigning of value to all things, and who has the freedom to hold and spend will be examined, discussed, and questioned. Cryptocurrencies can experience significant growth but will continue to be volatile as the inner planets, Mercury, Mars, and Venus touch the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse points, and the outer planet transits. Uranus entered Taurus on May 5, 2018 and will remain there until April 26, 2026. We know that between 2018 and 2021, military tensions escalated around the world. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of what may continue for a long time into the future.

Mars and Uranus may bring warmongering rhetoric and clashes in hotspots during the second half of the year, potentially with a weakening of NATO countries. China and Russia will be growing stronger into 2023, dependent on how the United States deals with inflation and economic stress.

People may begin to resist authority more, forcing authorities to make concessions or adopt control measures. Many countries will find themselves edging closer to revolution while experiencing unrest. Those suffering from economic instability are likely to see changes in government, and possible political chaos. The Pluto return in the chart of the United States indicates that in 2022 there will be turbulence, as well as the revelation of secrets. Former president Donald Trump will be back on the scene as struggle and clashes with more hardline democratic institutions happen. As the eclipse November 19, 2021 was on president Biden’s natal Sun, he may experience pressure or health issues.

With powerful Pluto still in Capricorn ruling institutions and government, and Capricorn’s ruler Saturn in Aquarius, sign of the collective people, we will continue to see one controlling body of government, big corporations, and big tech blending and censoring. The mainstream media has been increasingly controlled by larger and fewer behemoth corporations which strangles the freedom we aspire to have in communications. Many businesses lost in the pandemic will not return, and we must maintain and support the rights of free speech. Perhaps with manifesting time-baron Saturn in the air sign Aquarius, we will see more progressive populations of all kinds unite to fight the destruction of the middle classes we see happening, with more money flowing as it is now to fewer and fewer at the top of the heap.

The Mars in Capricorn Uranus in Taurus earth trine on February 8, 2021 may bring some breakthrough from restriction, or a release of energy lasting until the Mercury-Pluto trine on April 27. Some people will be filled with determination, drive, and force. Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, as well as water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces may be on the move or fulfilling creative dreams.

Plan to do something creative, fun and inspiring on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction April 12, 2022. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, those in fire signs with birthdates close to April 12, August 12 and December 12 may find auspicious windfalls, touching events or happy spiritual awakenings occur

It is a good year to practice gratitude and appreciation for what you have. Make room for more beauty and clean out what you don’t need to improve your living space. Build up your community connections and barter groups and contact lists. Set boundaries against pressure from others by trusting your knowing and know that your spirits are eternal and perfect and enjoy creating a human experience galaxy.

Dates to Watch

Mercury retrogrades four times in 2022:

January 14 until February 4

May 10 until June 3

September 10 until October 2

December 29 until January 18, 2023

When Mercury is in retrograde, it is best to avoid tech purchases, software downloads, and contract signing. Double check all communications and large transactions. On February 17, Jupiter in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Romance and partnerships bond; there may be an unexpected attraction, or new discoveries regarding food and wine.

Mars and Venus conjunct and both enter Aquarius on March 6. Expect shifts in government, people in power, technology, or revelations in social media revelations.

Eclipse Dates

On the solar eclipse in Taurus solar on April 30, indulge in beauty and creativity; take note of synchronicity.

There will be a Scorpio lunar eclipse May 16 which will feel emotional and deceptive or confusing; trust your knowing and avoid being controlled.

Romance or gambling may be tempting or just plain fun on the solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25. Take not to avoid unwanted loss or pregnancy.

On November 8, Election Day, there will be a lunar eclipse in Taurus. Expect surprises with a risk of secrets and uncertainty; don’t bet the bank.


With Uranus in your second house of Taurus, the spotlight will be on your values and finances. Ideas you presented last year may no longer be viable, or others may dissuade you. Trust your instincts. February and the last six months of the year will be demanding—a key decisions need to be made that will affect your life for some time to come. Take care of yourself, get lots of sleep, eat healthy and you’ll feel the benefits. Don’t be surprised if you get a headache or feel tired—2021 left a mark on you. You are in the process of reconsidering who and what are most important. Eclipses in May and October may bring changes in your relationships. Singles may decide to commit, and couples may take relationships to a new level. This is a year of change for you; be prepared, adaptable, and flexible. You’ll be able to overcome any setbacks in your career. Solutions you’re presently trying to formulate turn out to be useful in the future. Ask for help.


Electrical beacon Uranus will be in your first house of presence for over four years. How others see you is important. Expect out-of-the-ordinary changes in your life. You may crave freedom and travel one day and security the next, so leave your options open. In 2022, decisions will be about the shared areas of your life: home, joint finances, and teamwork. New training opportunities or a side gig may open, or your team may be consolidated. Avoid the effects of work stress or financial challenges by getting the sleep you need and back up your healthy diet with good supplements. The eclipses in May, October, and November will encourage you to make long-overdue changes in your personal and business collaborations. You know exactly what and who it is you want but changing moods and unhappiness with yourself can be a burden. Know that you are perfect in spirit and eternal, as is your partner, or the one you aspire to have. With all the eclipses in your sign, don’t isolate yourself from friends and family.


As one of the most adaptable signs of the zodiac, you will embrace the opportunity in 2022 to alter your usual daily work and health schedule. Your home life, finances, shared spaces and duties are due for considerable change. Plan ahead; investing in these key areas of your life will be fruitful. Midyear will be an excellent time to turn a corner and even to reinvent yourself. In your love life, you’ll feel more inclined to share and/or network. With Neptune in Pisces and your solar 10th house of career and social position you may be dealing with changes due to life and death matters, or colleagues leaving. Those born June 10 to 18 are most affected. Work with Neptune to stimulate ideas, create new visions, sail a creative ship, or launch new concepts. Handle water or plumbing situations quickly. Businesses involving anything Neptunian can be good: Music, wine, spirits, meditation, massage, involving water in your spiritual practice. Clear karma with open communication. Let go of the past and any old problems and start fresh.


With Jupiter in your ninth and tenth houses, 2022 is an ideal year to build a solid and enduring base in career and finances. It’s a year to consolidate what you have, to manage plans set in motion in 2021, and take new ideas into development. You may be distracted or misled, so avoid changing direction on a whim. A move, travel, or renovations may be in the cards. Make plans that encompass both home and work prospects. You may take a sabbatical or journey, have interactions with in-laws or people from other countries, or be involved with legal matters. Later this year, Jupiter stimulates your appetite for a career change or give you new visions of your life outside your home. Saturn in your eighth house of resources and joint income encourages you to deal with any outstanding open cycles: Stabilizing income, forging alliances, and working with partners. Those born July 12 to 19 may benefit from Neptune’s action this year with new insights spiritually or socially or with auspicious choices.


You enter 2022 with coping mechanisms learned in the past two years. This is an excellent year to make your home your castle! Your home life, spending time with family, and your investment in those you love in terms of time and effort are important. Saturn transits your seventh house of partnership to highlight joint responsibilities in a creative and challenging T- square to Uranus in your house of career and your solar first house. Saturn here can sometimes solidify a partnership success or marriage. At the start of the year consider how your home life reflects you. It’s also a good year to revitalize your activities, hobbies, and social circle to be more adventurous, but avoid stubbornness. Jupiter moves into Pisces and your eighth house of resources, assets, estates, regeneration, and psychological insights. You may experience psychic moments and insights. Take action around updating a will or insurance plan; seek advice from an expert. Leos born between August 15 and 17 benefit most from this focus.


With Uranus in Taurus in your ninth house, expect a green light for projects or travel that was put on hold. Adventure is calling you in 2022. Saturn, the timekeeper, is a taskmaster in your sixth house of work. Watch for opportunities created by economic recovery and staffing shortages—you’ll be drawn to learning new skills. Your values may be under review; some of your core values will change. Be prepared to view life in a new context, especially in May and November. Be led by your heart and your intuition as you navigate fresh circumstances. Jupiter is in your seventh house of partnership at the beginning of the year in Pisces and it moves to your eighth house of resources when it gets to Aries. Associates may approach about joint projects or collaboration on long held dreams. If you were born between September 2 and 12, the planet of unexpected events may have an impact on your everyday routines. Stay in touch with others who have leads in your area of expertise for surprise opportunities.


As the year begins with Venus in Capricorn retrograde in your fourth house of home and family you have baggage to clear before she goes direct January 29. Consider your core values; your personal life will be the focus in 2022. Prioritize a sense of comfort within your relationships as new circumstances arise. If a relationship has been on rocky ground, 2022 will offers a chance to clear the air. Aim to make financial planning a key consideration, especially with shared funds. Health may also be a key focus—physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. With Jupiter illuminating your sixth house, try new things—especially at work. Experiments are likely to succeed. Saturn in your fifth house of children, romance, and creativity may have had you working double shifts. Those born between September 22 and October 3 see the most expansive activity. Those born between October 4 and 19 will experience the most intense pressure and scrutiny from this transit in 2022. Stay healthy and balanced and Saturn helps you to get the job done. With fun. And big dreams.


Daily life, work, and health matters will be your main considerations. The new Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series energizes your seventh house of committed partnerships and your first house of self-expression. Until October 28, 2022, these power points usher in exhilarating developments for relationships and personal passions. Domestic responsibilities take much of the spotlight in 2022. The new moon on February 1 is a good time to consider your residence. You’re confronted by decisive and positive changes in the way you earn money. Don’t be evasive or try to avoid new challenges. Your inner drive enables you to reach your objectives. Long-pursued goals are finally within reach of achievement. Singles could meet a soulmate or encounter a sizzling karmic attraction. Scorpios born November 13 to 20 are most affected by Neptune’s influence on romance. Scorpios born at end of October or in early November will be focusing on personal and business relationships, because big changes may occur during the months of April, May, October, and November. For partners enjoying family togetherness, you may need them more than usual.


Did you experience a bolt of energy in November as the new eclipse series touched your fourth house of home and family and your tenth house of career on the Taurus/Scorpio axis? Some Aquarians may be in the market for a house move or a property you’ll use for a new vision of a new life or business. Uranus in Taurus likely created shakeups in your home environment since 2018. Ready to let go of past restrictions, you greet a wholesome transformation, especially in health, habits, and relationships. This is a great year to embrace the path of fulfilment. As Saturn transits your solar first house, you may be the center of attention. People will see you in a new light as you take responsibility for making bold and insightful statements. Fresh financial and domestic circumstances demand care. Communications also merit care and attention. Don’t get too lethargic or forget about your exercise and vitamin program. Saturn in your first house asks you to take care of yourself. SAGITTARIUS

For you, 2022 will be less stressful. You will set plans in motion that you had devised during 2021. January may be intense, especially for ambitious Sagittarians, so remain focused on your long-term goals. Jupiter moves through your fourth house of home and family and into your fifth house of children and romance. Big ticket items such as home renovations that have been on hold can be completed or you may get the chance to relocate to the house of your dreams. Success lies in careful financial planning. In your personal life, avoid making snap decisions in connection with someone who is stubborn. Remain reasonable to attain a pleasant status quo. Plan your financial strategies in the first half of the year. Saturn in your third house of communication opens up writing, short travel opportunities, agreements, studies, research, and family relationships you’d like to improve. Enjoy reviving old contacts and nostalgia. You’ll receive a lot of trust and affection. Spend more time with family. Those born between December 2 and 18 are most affected.


A great deal of financial and career changes take place, especially in mid-May and early November. You will appreciate the opportunity to build something new in 2022. The two-year eclipse series ignites your Taurus fifth house of romance and fame and your Scorpio eleventh house of teamwork, tech, and activism until October 28, 2023. You’ll relish the chance to create a strong and secure platform for yourself and those you love, but take care of your health, especially in May and November. As you alter your domestic circumstances, your career will change, and vice-versa. Your stars are aligned, and you have good instincts for a profitable business. Negotiations on the right investments are made in good faith and are on target.

Take care of all outstanding financial claims; they can be positively resolved. With Uranus in your sixth house, put plans into action. Colleagues are keen to take advantage of your advice. Remain accessible then you’re appreciated, any help you’re able to give is likely to count in your favor when you need assistance later.


Bountiful Jupiter in your sign until mid-May buoys your confidence and success. As Jupiter moves to Aries in your second house, you’ll entertain income opportunities until November and be in the spotlight for two more months. With Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces in your first house, trust your intuition and principles to guide you to make the best decisions in 2022. Your finances are under a lucky star. Look for a number of good offers and investment opportunities. Embrace options that broaden your horizons through travel. You are prepared to view your career and status in a new light but research finances carefully before committing to change. An employer may owe you money, you may be waiting for benefits, or your business may have supplies stuck in transit. Count on Jupiter to help move things forward. As the year progresses, your values and beliefs are likely to change, and you’ll find self-expression easier. With Saturn in your twelfth house through 2021 you experienced tension regarding your health regime. Did you have undiagnosed difficult health issues over the past few years? You may have had issues with feet or circulation, but healing Jupiter brings wisdom to solve the problem.