Why Mindsets, Life and Workforces Drastically Changed Post-Pandemic

Let’s travel back in time for a moment. It’s January 2020. The news is constantly give
information regarding COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic and essentially a universal
“shut-down” of our normal lives. Social Media is more important than ever to keep in
touch with the outside world, families are working, schooling, and existing in each
others’ space 24/7. Supplies were low, underlying panic ensued that we wouldn’t be
able to wipe our nether regions and yet, life slowed to an almost pleasant pace.
As we experienced this moment in our journeys, let’s look at some of the great
outcomes. There was less commuting with less pollution which made the air and our
health better. We got to spend quality time as couples and families together. We
learned how to be creative again to occupy our minds. I wrote my second book during
this time!
My granddaughters were 7 and 8 and living with me during the pandemic and I loved it!
We made scavenger hunts, crafts, and took walks around the neighborhood. I met more
neighbors during this time than the last 15 years of living in my home.
As a Certified Life Coach and Relationship Expert, I saw mental health struggles. I saw
people taking a deeper look at their lives. Without the distractions of outside obligations,
traveling, hustling and overwhelm, many of us made life changing decisions under the
magnifying glass of “am I really happy?”
Now we’ll leap forward to the aftermath. When schools, travel and restaurants opened
once again.
The Great Resignation and Quiet Quit are new trends. What are these? These are the
terms for employees who decided after years of working in a corporate world or at the
same job, to leave for self-employment or to pursue careers better aligned with their
I was one of them. I had worked in the Medical Field, first in nursing, then to the
financial education side in a National Laboratory. For 26 years, it was HAVE TO not
GET TO. When I pursued my love and business in Life Coaching, I still struggled with
the fear of losing “security” aka 401k, health insurance so I tirelessly worked them both..
And then, it changed. I had a quick Zoom call with a stranger who said to me, “You can’t
have one foot on the gas, and one on the brake and go anywhere!” I happened to have
my yearly review that day from the corporate job. It was a great review, in fact, the best I
probably had in 26 years! But it was anti-climatic. You see, I didn’t have any more
passion for THAT job, it didn’t fulfill me or bring me joy. I gave my official resignation
that day. I’ve never regretted that decision.
Relationships changed. People divorced, married, and friends became closer or far
apart. All in all, I think the Pandemic gave a look at the actions of others over their

words. Those who would visit from a front porch or call to check in or bring necessitiesshowed their love and kindness. Sometimes it’s necessary to pause, even if it isn’t our
choice, we have a choice to adapt, accept, and evaluate the priorities of our lives andwellbeing. Most of all, follow your dreams, hopes, and purpose.

Maureen Scanlon
Founder/CEO Maureen Scanlon Lifecoaching
Podcast Host “I Never Knew (INK)