When you have a burning desire and your mission adds value to the World, the Universe conspires and co-creates to help you achieve it.

How I met Prince Albert II de Monaco and had an honor to speak and share my message on the World’s Stage in Rome


We always have a choice.

When a life-changing opportunity that seems irresistible pops out of the blue, you have two choices: to seize that opportunity or to start questioning it and allow the brain to find all the reasons why you should not pursue it. Many people choose the second option because it’s safe, it’s easier, because of the fear, the uncertainty, worry and scarcity. Others, trust that Universe will conspire to bring them what they desire and take an aligned action from a place of inner guidance.

Such an unexpected opportunity came knocking at my door. I received a phone call from my icon, my inspiration, an award-winning actress and the producer, famous Italian supermodel, author and speaker, the creator of “In the Limelight”, a superstar who graced more glamour and fashion magazine covers than any celebrity today, Clarissa Burt. 

Clarissa Burt is someone who is very humble, has a huge heart for humanity and does so much goodness for the world and other people. Whenever Clarissa calls me, I know it’s important. 

“I am invited to Prince Albert’s Charity Gala in Rome at Musei Capitolini. I know that you are creating a collection of masterpieces to raise an awareness about plastic pollution in the Oceans. This Charity Gala is all about that. Can you create and donate one of your most exquisite and valuable art couture masterpieces to the foundation to raise the money for that cause? I can see if they will accept your piece and if they do, you can come along with me to Rome. Can you make it happen?” My answer was “YES” way before I knew how in the world, I am going to do it. I just knew I had to seize this opportunity no matter what. 

About Violeta Lucce Brand

My name is Jurate and together with my sister Violeta, who is European Master on silk, we created Violeta Lucce brand that cares about our Planet Earth. Violeta Lucce is a new dimension where the world of Fine Art and Haute Couture is fused together in order to create the most extraordinary masterpieces that can be draped over a woman’s body shifting her spirit into true magnificence while transforming her into a fine art masterpiece.

Violeta Lucce art couture is one of a kind, timeless, hand painted on 100% silk, signed and carries a message about green fashion, nature, feminine beauty connecting everything into one. Our masterpieces can become an interior design detail, given from generation to generation and appreciate within time.

Every painting is a museum quality fine-art that flows, is sensual, original, sophisticated, has a soul and tells the story connecting to all life force. It is like looking through the magnifying glass in nature where we zoom into the details: a butterfly’s wing, a raindrop, a blossoming flower, a crashing wave, the depth of an eye, the depth of the ocean. The silk becomes alive when the brush strokes the surface and the finished results capture the true essence of beauty and femininity. Our pieces are not only bespoke and unique, but also, are meaningful and create awareness about our nature and plastic pollution. 

Plastic pollution became such a huge environmental threat that we had to do something about it. 

While we created a brand that is green and captures the most harmonic emotions of life transferred on live medium silk, we realized that our brand can also highly contribute to help restore the balance to endangered ecosystems, especially our Oceans. All of this evolved because we saw so much plastic washed ashore on the beaches where we live that we had to start carrying big trash bags and picking up the plastic waste. My 3-year-old son Lukas found it very entertaining and started truly loving putting plastic waste into the bags and dragging them ashore while waiving to his new best friend – Ocean. He developed this beautiful relationship with the Ocean and called him “Bleau”. That’s how our first educational children’s book about plastic pollution came to life. “Bleau, I wish that you smile again” … is the title of the book.

When we co-create with the Universe, it takes care of the “how” we just have to commit and take action

Saying yes and committing fully I was able to manifest everything I needed to go to Rome in just 2 days. Everything unfolded in front of my eyes and the Universe took care of all “how’s”. It was the most transformational trip of my life. I got to meet Prince Albert II de Monaco and speak with him. I gave him our first signed copy of the book. I told a story of how it came to life. After listening to me he said, “I wish more people were doing what you are doing”. He thanked me for the book and for the artwork we created to contribute to his foundation. I also had a chance to present Violeta Lucce masterpiece “Ocean’s Golden Ratio” in front of Prince Albert, his Delegation, Mayor of Rome and hundreds of people.

Being a part of Prince Albert II de Monaco Charity Gala and speaking on the world’s stage about Violeta Lucce brand and the plastic pollution in the oceans was a dream come true. I was able to share my message with the World and people who actually do create a positive change. Everything connected into one: the artwork, the message, the energy, the surrounding, the purpose and the people who all came for the same reason. All became one, because we are one and we are responsible for our only Planet Earth. We do not have Planet B.

Trusting the Universe, allowed me to step into something truly meaningful and bigger than me. Clarissa sent a life-changing opportunity my way and I want to dedicate this article to her because having a big heart and always striving to create more value in the World, she is able to transforms people’s lives and creates new realities. 


Jurate LuckaiteFashion Expert, Stylist, International Fashion Designer at Violeta Lucce,  Entrepreneur, Creator of New Dimension, Speaker, Mom





Photography: Andrea Martella – Black Alpaca Production