What’s Next? Doing Business in the Post-Pandemic “New Normal”

Since January of 2020 the United States has been suffering under the cloud of a global pandemic known as COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. Business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country have watched their businesses be disrupted, at best, and shut down completely, at worst.  No one has escaped unscathed. As the state and federal mandates have advised six feet of social distancing, business owners realized that they had to change the way they were doing business immediately in order to remain relevant and to stay in business.  Restaurants no longer could bring customers in and serve them, they had to adapt with delivery and curbside pickup. Business meetings looked to technology to connect face-to-face over their computers rather than shoulder to shoulder in a conference room. Mass gatherings of any kind went away completely. Now after the horrific death toll and physical impact this has had on our country, we are trying to assess the economic impact and trying to figure out how to do business in this “new normal.”


Entrepreneurs and business leaders in America have always been innovative and creative and this virus, although formidable, will not quell the American dream. First, we need to accept that the world, as we know it, has changed, then adapt to those changes, and implement new systems to thrive. Sounds easy? Maybe not – but totally doable.


As I write this article, I acknowledge that some industries will have an easier time adapting to the new normal than others. We will find a new path to navigate and still achieve our desired results. Other industries, who have a harder time changing the way they do business, should reach out and unite with their industry groups, organizations and colleagues to find new ways to acclimate.


Let’s dive into the sales process since that’s where my expertise lies.


Whether you’re at the pointy end of the spear in lead generation or the tail end of the process in customer satisfaction there are technologies available to help you adjust your sales processes in this new world.


Lead generation. As consumers, we are being bombarded with media on a daily basis. Buying habits are almost exclusively online. Social distancing is preventing the personal one-on-one interactions expertly delivered by the sales professional making it more challenging to get their customer to “yes.”


The need for compelling content is greater than ever. Thankfully, there are technology companies readily available to help you create that content via video, audio, and digital marketing, without having to be an expert to fill your pipeline with a steady flow of leads.


Sales presentation and closing.  Once your pipeline is full of leads you now have to adapt to the new world conditions of presenting your products and services and converting prospects to satisfied customers.


The day of sitting across the table speaking face to face may be over. Technology to the rescue — video conferencing, digital signatures, interactive websites, video sales tools, AI applications, and cloud-based business practices all enable us to create a rich customer experience.


Post sale.  What makes your company stand out is a satisfied customer after the sale. By using technology and remote working environments you can provide impeccable customer service, fast shipping fulfillment, a simplified return process, and accurate tracking.


It’s time to embrace technology and prepare for the new way of doing business in this post-pandemic economy. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get back to work.




Scott Sullivan, a life-long entrepreneur and professional salesman, brings his 30+ years of sales and marketing experience to Inspired News Radio. Hailing from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, Scott shares his insightful knowledge with a touch of Southern charm.

The founder of Scott Sullivan & Associates, Scott has an infectious energy and enthusiasm paired with his expert networking skills that drive his passion for coaching and mentoring the next generation of sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

Scott’s two podcast radio shows, “Sales with Sully” (for sales professionals) and “Mind Your Own Business” (conversations with influential entrepreneurs) can be found at www.InspiredNewsRadio.com.  Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter @saleswithsully and on LinkedIn and his website: www.ScottSullivan.biz