I’m sitting here, in the middle of the night, in a house, usually ablaze with four children scurrying around, banging on the piano, or with the contestants on “American Idol” blaring on TV, or the crackling sounds of fried eggs being cooked on the stove.

I want to give you a glimpse into my life as an international speaker, a business mentor, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, TV producer, interior designer, real estate and angel investor; and most importantly, a wife and mother.

Let’s rewind. My speaking career began in March of 2018. This career path landed in my lap, just like many of the other amazing things that I have manifested in the last two years of my life.. This after spending most of my thirties pregnant and giving birth; not once but three times.  All because of ONE single decision I made: I hired a mentor (more on this later).

I was already an entrepreneur, since 2008, when I founded my first company, a yoga brand called Chakras by Didi. Before this, I didn’t attend business school, and the word “entrepreneur” wasn’t even in my vocabulary. In my younger days, I was trained in dancing and singing. In my mind, I was supposed to be on Broadway (at least that was my biggest dream when I decided to come to America.) But I knew in my heart that even being one of the chorus girls in a musical would be too difficult for a Chinese girl like me. I loved to sing and dance; but at my best, only at a B level. 

One night when I was back in Hong Kong, my Sixth Sense told me in a dream that if I want to make the kind of money I wanted to make, I’d better become an entrepreneur. Because that was really the only way to create true financial freedom so I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Isn’t this what life is all about?  This was why I chose to live in America, where I wouldn’t feel constrained and nobody would label me “stupid”, “short”, “fat”, or “ugly.” All of these words which had been used on me repeatedly in my own culture.

Three years ago, with absolute Faith, I co-founded my second business, Social Spotlight Events I had had quite a bit of experience in this arena, having planned some extraordinary events that were attended by luminaries such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey; and fashion shows for Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger at New York Fashion Week. Thanks to Social Spotlight Events I met my mentor, David Meltzer.

Without David, I would not have had the opportunity to appear as a judge on his #1 digital business show, Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch nor be the star of the feature documentary, Impact. Without David, I wouldn’t have stepped onto the path of becoming a speaker.

THIS, is how important it is to have a mentor.  The same as I conduct my life in general, I made a Fast Decision to take charge of my career. 

I took it straight from someone who is walking the walk and talking the talk, and quickly found myself making that same massive impact with my own clients; helping them increase their confidence, connections, and cash flow.

I believe in doing things in the most efficient and accurate way. This is why I am branded, “The Business AcceleratAr”. It was with a Burning Desire that I wanted to become one of the greatest Asian female speakers in the world that landed me all of my speaking opportunities. As is shown in the movie Impact, I struggled in the beginning. I didn’t know the techniques, the format, or even how to use PowerPoint. I had to accelerate my growth in triple time by investing in myself and taking speaking courses, by attending Mastermind groups to increase my relationship capital exponentially.

Within one short year, I was invited to speak at The United Nations. I also received the award “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” from the Women’s Economic Forum. And finally, I even realized my dream of being on Broadway, when I appeared as the first Asian female speaker at the Business on Broadway event.

It has been a superfast rollercoaster ride over the last twelve months, and now I get to speak on the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour.  What a gift!  What a life I am living!  I am so very grateful!


Didi Wong


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