The Silver Bullet to Growing any Business!

This is the article you have been waiting for! No, I’m serious. This is the one. I am going to give you the Silver Bullet to growing your business.  For really.  If you do this, your business will grow, possibly beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you ready?  Really, are you ready?  Cuz what I am just going to tell you can change your business and your life.  Take a deep breath.  And get a pen…or highlighter…or electronic highlighter☺

Talk to More People!!

Yep. That is the Silver Bullet of growing your business.  And yes, I am serious.  Dead serious.  I don’t want to hear it.  Whatever you are about to say next is an excuse.  If you just take the advice and go do it, your business will grow, probably fast.  Now, I recommend you hire a coach or consultant or someone to make sure you have an offer and a good story to tell these people you are talking to but talking to more people is the only surefire way to business success.

Specifically, if you decide today that you are going to talk to 1000 people over the next 90 days, yes 1000 over 90, you will have success.  Probably a lot of it.  And if you are in a recurring revenue business, you will be well on your way to financial freedom.  

Now that you are not making excuses, you are probably asking, “How do I find these people to talk to?”  My answer is I don’t know.  I really don’t.  Just talk to more people.  But Adam, should they come from Facebook or seminars or LinkedIn or direct mail or …?  I don’t care. Do not overthink the how.  Get comfortable with the what and the WHY!  Let that sink in.  Talking to more people.  1000 in 90 days.

However, I am a nice guy.  I really am.  So, let’s outline to process of finding people.  In my mind, there are 3 simple principals:

1. Understand How You Meet People Today

If you are good meeting people in person, go to networking events. In any medium to large city you will find 5-20 networking events weekly.  Add in Meetup groups and the opportunities are endless.  If you are an internet marketer, use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or SnapChat.  If you are a speaker, there are any number of opportunities to speak; Chambers, other people’s events, Charitable groups, or set up your own. 

With online channels, there is a huge caveat to the 1000 people theory – they need to talk back. Giving a webinar to 1000 ‘attendees’ or sending 1000 Facebook posts doesn’t count.  It helps but the contact doesn’t count until they talk back!  My wife and I meet a lot of people sitting at the bar when we have dinner.  Don’t judge!  It’s what we do.  We chat with the bartender and the people we sit next to.  I have met several clients in this manner.  My wife has gotten several accounting contracts this way.  She even got a 9-month contract from someone she sat next to on a plane.  The point is doing what you are already good at.  

Mine your comfort zone!  However, you must try some of the others.  Why you ask?  If you are unwilling to try other options, you will not be willing to push yourself enough to actually talk to 1000 people anyway.  Yes, that was a challenge. A direct one.

2. Try to be where your clients are

Yep, I hedged that one.  As Yoda says, “do, there is no try.”  However, as you build a business to success, you will be doing a lot of trying.  The gurus and books out there will tell you to know your niche and go where those people are.  This definitely has its merits, and if you know who that client is AND where those clients can be found.   For the rest of us, we cannot spend all of our time finding the perfect niche, going to the perfect spot or using the perfect method.  I guarantee you will not talk to 1000 people if this is your thinking.  If you sell yachts, high-end charity events are a better spot than McDonald’s.  If you own the neighborhood store, the local market is ideal.  Do your homework to give yourself the best opportunity.  Stop deciding who will and won’t be your client.  Talk to more people and let them decide – to hire you.

3. Keep a tracking log and follow up!


Track and follow up.  Track and follow up.  This is the absolute key to everything in business success and should probably be an article of its own.  And maybe it will be.  For every person you meet and conversation you have, track how it went.  Obviously, you make not make everyone but do your best.  What did you talk about?  Did business come up?  Did you see a minimum amount of interest?  Even if the person showed zero interest in your business, if the conversation got there.  They may be a client or know a client or be a referrer in the future.  This is where the follow up comes in.  Send them a quick email or text or letter.  It takes a minimum of 5-12 contacts before most sales are made.  No one is successful in any business if they meet people once.  


Talk to more people for your Silver Bullet to success!!


Adam Kipnes


Adam’s is regularly featured on and his system has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. He is also the creator of the new Podcast, The Entrepreneur’s MBA.  Adam Kipnes is recognized as a top marketing strategist and business breakthrough specialist who can show ANY business owner… in less than 45 minutes… how to triple their current number of leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by $30 to $50 thousand dollars or more and WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising.