The Fitness Equation: Timing + Training = Thriving


Most people desire to look and feel great, be more flexible, and have a better range of motion. However, when mundane things like putting on or taking off socks, tying shoelaces, and going up or down a flight of stairs become a chore, freedom of movement needs attention. Physical activity—exercise—can be the cure.

There was a drastic decrease in the number of people exercising in gyms and outdoors during the pandemic effect of lockdown. Antidepressant drug purchases spiked by 34 percent in 2020. Insomnia, anxiety, and other mental health conditions have reached an all-time high.

Consider this: There is a correlation between fitness and success in business and personal matters. Exercise enables clear thinking and enhances problem-solving ability. In addition, it gives a person superior stamina and increases personal energy. It stimulates various brain chemicals that ensure happy, relaxed, and less anxious emotional states.

What is your attitude towards having a daily fitness routine Some people experience success by committing to physical activity for just 15 minutes a day. Others who have higher aspirations spend more time on their fitness and even invest in qualified instructors. No matter your goals, acquiring an uncompromising attitude about adding fitness and exercise to your daily life is necessary.

Statistically speaking, back pain, stress, and fatigue are the reasons for missed work and decreased productivity. Yet, the very thing that commitment to a structured, balanced exercise program does is to relieve back pain, reduce stress, and negate fatigue. When those three issues are resolved, improved job performance and athletic abilities line up and increase a person’s quanta of joy.

Feeling better and having a sense of physical strength and stamina lifts all areas of life; it boosts confidence, self-esteem, and charisma. Investing time and committing to regular exercise increases the odds of reaching your full potential and reaching the goals you aspire to achieve for yourself. Enlisting physical fitness develops determination, dedication, consistency, focus, self-confidence, and patience, which are the fundamental knowledge base of the mindset you must nurture to achieve anything that seems impossible. Excellent physical health indeed starts with a sound mindset. Getting to that mindset is sometimes easier said than done. Like everything else in life, positive, repetitive action-taking steps are what cultivate an optimistic attitude. It can be difficult—feeling isolated by working out at home, by yourself—to remain proactive. Human beings are social creatures by nature.

It’s time to look forward, past the pandemic, and consider the value of a gym membership. Brand-name gyms have changed. Some of these million-dollar facilities now offer a country club atmosphere for health improvement without a high price tag for membership.

Having a place to go for a dedicated workout is a value in itself. It is a space where you can replenish your body and mind as well as share quality time with others of like mind in a fun, easy-going, protected environment.

Stay motivated by cultivating new friendships and engaging with people seeking to reach common goals regarding physical health. The laughter, high fives, and words of encouragement from the bonds made by fellow gym members are things money simply can’t buy.

Whether you work out at home or the gym, here are some additional ways you can substitute constructive habits for unproductive daily habits:

• Schedule a workout instead of watching TV

• Eat fresh food at home instead of fast food from restaurants

• Drink water before and after enjoying an alcoholic beverage

• Commit to ensuring good sleep by eliminating electronic use at night

• Take charge of your time management: Stop saying you have no time; make time

• Be grateful instead of blameful

• Act more, talk less

• Strive for excellence rather than settling for average

• Treat all relationships with honesty—and enrich them with compassion

Building literal physical strength and better body balance by including weightlifting in your weekly exercise program will lay the groundwork for building figurative strength. Make your body strong, and your inspiration and motivation will follow.