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Empowering women for success – The Inspiration Show

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with international supermodel, award-wining actress and entrepreneur, Clarissa Burt. Clarissa joins Natalie to discuss the amazing work she’s doing by bringing women together through her empowering program called T.E.N. (The Envelopment Network), which provides support, friendship and advice to women from all walks of life. During the show, Clarissa explains that many women find it very easy to love their family, children and friends, but sometimes they forget their own value. She also shares that unfortunately many women in trouble suffer in silence because they don’t know where to go for help. Clarissa’s T.E.N. Network strives to help women succeed in both their personal and professional life.

Sharon Lechter, Think and Grow Rich

Sharon LechterThis is a shout out to my friend, Sharon Lechter who recently came out with her last book “
Think and Grow Rich for Women”
. She very graciously included me in her book and we’ve done a few panels together with other fabulous ladies represented the book. Recently we spoke at Jeff Fagin’s 2% Club and at the No Glass Ceiling event in Las Vegas. It gives me such joy to be around women that support one another. I’m including here a link to purchase “Think and Grow Rich for Women” from her website! It’s a must read! Thanks again, Sharon!

To learn more about Sharon Lechter, visit

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