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Clarissa Burt

Keynote Speaker, Media Expert, Producer

Clarissa is an internationally renowned and award winning actress, television producer, public speaker and author with over 30 years in the media spotlight. Her years as a top model, emcee, actress and television/video and radio producer give her the super -authority status to teach, train and mentor business leaders, sales personnel, entrepreneurs, small business owners the importance of personal and business branding to make powerful deliveries and stand out like a superstar in the media.

Using her signature Ultimate Media Mastery system Clarissa engages, educates and entertains interacting with your audience highlighting ways to create a spotlight and shine in the limelight.

Whether on the radio, on television, on-stage in the boardroom or on a sales call Clarissa’s advice will rocket you to VIP status helping you increase your sales, make lasting impressions, increase self-esteem and perform like a Superstar.

She is a highly by corporations, universities, and charitable organizations. Clarissa’s keynote, half to full day workshops, and working session topics often include:

  • Eliminate the fear of public speaking
  • Making Powerful Presentations
  • Writing explosive copy that perfectly targets your audience
  • Your Interviewing Strategy
  • Personalized Media Goal Setting
  • Standout Stand-up (thinking quickly on your feet)
  • Create convincing sound bites
  • “Speak” your body language
  • Set Walk Through – Knowing the territory
  • On camera performance secrets
  • Make-up/Hair Consultation
  • Personalized Color Analysis
  • Image/Wardrobe Consult

 Who Will Benefit

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Business Executives
  • Spokespersons
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Experts and Authors
  • Actors and Models
  • Politicians
  • Anyone in the spotlight
  • Entertainers
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Some of the Places Clarissa has Spoken 

European Parliament – Walking Africa campaign/Nobel Peace Prize– American Ambassador
World Volunteer’s Day – The Vatican, Rome with Pope John Paul II
National Prevention Day – International Press Conference with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusoni
Laura Biagiotti Fashion Event – Televised from The Kremlin, Moscow (emcee live tv)
World Sports Awards – Monte Carlo (emcee live tv)
Italian Heart Association (keynote)
Project C.U.R.E (speech)
Childhelp Wings (keynote)
Loyola Marymount University (keynote)
California Women’s Conference (keynote)
International Red Cross (emcee)
Spokesperson Telefono Azzurro – abused children

Miss America Pageant (Keynote)
Miss Universe Pageant (keynote)
Miss United States Pageant (keynote)
Elite Modeling Competition – Tele MonteCarlo (emcee live tv)
Rotary Club (keynote)
Kiwanis Club (keynote)
Dress for Success (keynote)
A.W.A.R Women’s Club Rome Italy (keynote)
Gina’s Team (keynote)
New West Symphony (keynote)
Fashion Fantastico (emcee)
Catwalk for a Cause (emcee)
Among others….

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Praise for Clarissa 

 The Harvard community celebrated another successful entrepreneurship event thanks to you! I was graced to watch the conference mission be carried out right in front of appreciative fellow conference attendees. I felt surrounded by you, by all our shared efforts, and by all our hopes for the good that last week’s actions may bring to others. Thanks for broadening students’ perspective about the many forms that entrepreneurship can assume beyond ownership: giving and sharing our greatest gifts with the world to fulfill our most meaningful goals in life. Stephanie, the entire HEEREA team, and myself are forever grateful to you!

Dolly Amaya – President HEEREA – Harvard Business Extension

As Director of the Kiesner Center for Entrpreneurship at Loyola Marymount University, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many important people speak on our campus.   Clarissa Burt’s speech most definitely will remain one of the most enlightening and informative. It was an honor to have her come and meet our students. 

David Y Choi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Director of the Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship | Loyola Marymount  University

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clarissa Burt for being the Key note speaker in this year’s AWAR Charity Event, “Promoting the Future of Tomorrow’s Women. Clarissa’s generous participation and invaluable ideas have helped us to build the foundation of the Girls’ Town Mentoring Program.

Jacqueline Falk Maggi – President AWAR – American Women’s Association Rome    

“I’ve known Clarissa for years.  Her integrity and professionalism together with her light-hearted sense of humor make her both informative and entertaining. Clarissa lights up every room she enters.”

Sharon Lechter CPA CGMA
Founder and CEO of Pay Your Family First
Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women
Co-author of Outwitting the Devil
Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad Poor Dad

Thank you for your extraordinary participation and generous gift of time as one of the over 90 presenters at Career Day!

Carla Fantozzi – Santa Monica High School

Clarissa on stage or off is the essence of class, sophistication and grace!  One of the great team players I know! What else could a woman ask for?

Greg Reid – Founder of The Secret Knock
Napolean Hill Foundation
Author Three Feet From Gold

Clarissa, I thank you for heading up my event making it fun, light and keeping the show flow smooth.   Your emceeing style is second to no one!

Sue Barenholtz – Wild Boomer Women

Clarissa rocked her keynote speech at our yearly luncheon. She was funny, engaging and a walking encyclopedia of all things fashion!

Erika Berman – President – The Mannequins Los Angeles Chapter

Clarissa Burt was a special , in my class “French and Italian Popular Culture” at Arizona State University. Clarissa lectured on her experience as top model in the fashion industry during the Eighties in France and Italy, and on her career in Italian television. Clarissa’s presence and her experience were both stellar. Our students were particularly impressed by Clarissa’s narration of her difficult beginning, and extreme will to succeed she encountered at the beginning of her career. Her lecture has produced a great impact on the whole class, and I cannot but thank her immensely for graciously agreeing to deliver her unforgettable lesson.

Enrico Minardi
 Lecturer of Italian and French
School of International Letters and Cultures
Arizona State University