Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff Finds Missing Man Before Police Do

Sutliff’s evidence leads family and police to finding Kyle Laski from Taylor, MI
CHARLOTTE, N.C — International, Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff was contacted by
Wendy Mathews Kyle Laski’s Mother when her son went missing. Sutliff, a Psychic
Medium, amazingly was able to find the exact location her son would be found on
September 15th, 2022 within 48 hours after looking at his case for evidence. Laski went
missing on September 5th, 2022 and was last seen on his bike at the corner of
Champagne and Mayfair Streets in Taylor, Michigan. “I knew he would be found within a
5 mile radius of his last location and it proved to be true”, said Sutliff.

Sutliff worked with this Mother and gave these exact details in trying to find Kyle who
had been missing already for ten days. She asked for a map to the area as to where
they had been searching; within that map she narrowed down to where Mathews should
search. Sutliff stated the following; “He is in a wooded area and he is off of Goddard
Road in a pocket of land of the towns of Allen Park and Taylor for his location. There is
a chain link fence, railroad tracks, red rocks painted near his location, power lines, an
embankment that goes down by a Culvert (big round cement circle), take two steps to
the right to where he is, look upwards. It’s almost like I feel my body being PUSHED
forward and I am going down.”

She added to look at Kyle's body for evidence on his head, feet, ankles, hands and right
leg. She wants to be sure the detectives rule out foul play. At 9:45 AM on September
15th, Sutliff got a call from Mathews that they found Kyle's bike in the location she said
to search. Mathews then called The Taylor Police and said they had found his bike.

The Michigan State Police, Taylor Police and Cadaver dogs started their search and
rescue for Kyle Laski. The details Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff gave were critical to
locating him. At 1:22 PM Sutliff got a text from Mathews that said, “They found Kyle he’s
gone” “My heart just sank, but I was thrilled to have helped this family find their missing
son. It was not the outcome we all wanted, but we found him.” That next day Mathews
added, “Kelle, so in a five mile radius to where he was last seen you found his exact
location. I am so thankful.”

Sutliff has used her Psychic Detective skills for the last twelve years assisting in finding
the missing. “When someone is lost or missing it aches even more than death for their
loved ones. I work on behalf of the souls that want to be found. I believe that is how and
why I help solve cases. It is my psychic gift that leads me there.” She says. She has
assisted families and detectives all around the world in their cases.

The last missing persons case Sutliff worked on, she was able to find the location of
Graham Hebert from Littleton, CO three weeks after he went missing. There were no
leads from the Littleton Police and it quickly was becoming a cold case. “Kelle knew we
had to take matters into our own hands to search for my son. She knew he had passed
and that he had drowned accidentally. She was able to provide detailed evidence to the

frozen lake where he had fallen through and give specific evidence that was accurate”
said Michele Bourgeois, Hebert’s Mother.

Sutliff is known for her accurate prediction on world events and within her clients lives.
Her national and international clients include celebrities, professionals and business
executives. Her latest book Spirit Speaks Within You has become an International
Best Seller and has won three book awards, “Readers Favorite”, “Mom’s Choice”
and “NYC Big Book Award.” She currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

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