MANIFEST: Can you do it?

I am known for many things:  Award winning international speaker, serial entrepreneur, business mentor, TV producer, angel investor, best-selling author and mother of four, but many do not know that I have a hidden talent that I do not promote much and that is that I am also an interior designer with an expertise in Feng Shui.  Afterall, I am Chinese and I am superstitious!

What has this got to do with the title of this article “Manifest” you may ask?  Well, Feng Shui is actually all about manifesting.  It is the art of the placement of furniture and objects for the sake of manifesting what you want.

I started getting into Feng Shui about ten years ago when I was wanting to get pregnant.  I was somehow in a bookstore in Hong Kong when I came upon a beautiful hard cover book about Feng Shui.  I browsed through it and read maybe a paragraph or two and decided to buy the book.  I took it back to Los Angeles and took the time to really apply what it said.

As my husband and I decided to have babies, I proceeded to read about how if I placed plants like Philodendrons on the West wall, and turn my desk to face the West wall, my chances of having babies would be higher.  So I did.  And I got pregnant within three months after I did that.

Of course, it could have been a coincidence.  Just because I placed plants and turned my desk to face a certain direction, it doesn’t mean that creativity and children came into my life because of it but perhaps the intention that I placed on physically doing something about the furniture (taking action) and as I was moving the desk, I was thinking of having babies and having a family (conscious thinking), those thoughts were sent out to the universe, paired with more conversations with my friends about wanting to become a mother, the universe heard and responded.

This is a typical story that I can repeat again and again because I have been given the title of being a “Master Manifester,” so many times, for myself and my clients.  In the last three years, there have been many incidences where I literally thought of something that I desired, and “bloop” it “landed on my lap.”  Be it a simple story of when I was standing at the bar in a restaurant, thinking, “Hmmm….I am jonsing some nacho chips right now” to the nacho chips suddenly appearing in front of me because two other girls were sitting right next to me and they were served some nacho chips by accident and chose to give them to me instead, to a story about my desire to manifest a chunk of money to cover something that I wanted to invest in and the next day, I got a call that my neighbor needed to rent my Airbnb house for at least six months and offered to pay me in full to cover the whole six months!

In the world of personal development, “manifesting” is a word that we like to use.  In the world outside of personal development, it may be a word that most people don’t use or have no idea what it really means.  So my article today is really to urge you to think about how you can manifest what you want.

It’s a matter of practicing the following seven steps on a daily basis in order to make it come true:


1. Clarify what you want.  Be specific.  Write it down.  Use simple sentences and direct language.

  1. Say what you want out loud in conversations or vocalize what you want or even sing it out loud.  When reading, you must believe that you can actually achieve it and already be seeing yourself living in that life when things are accomplished. (Visualization) Asking the universe by saying out loud will help it come true. After saying or asking it out loud to the universe, you continue to think it and “get it into your system.
  2. Take action (by making that call to that person who can make it happen or hiring someone who has already done and had success with what you want to do.
  3. Trust the process. (Faith and believing that what you want will come true)
  4.  Acknowledge what is being sent to you along the way.
  5. Increase your vibration by surrounding yourself with people who have high vibrations.
  6. Clear all resistance.

Anyone can manifest what they want in their life.  You can too.

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