The project #iorestoincam is the brainchild of the Italian photographer in Rome,Carlotta Domenici De Luca. On March 9, 2020 Carlotta initiated this photographic project with the intent of portraying people’s experiences confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective is to unveil, through a single shot, their feelings, their fears and their hopes during this particular trying moment their lives. These photos are presented as evidence of the hard battle people fight every day, everywhere in the world by staying home, isolated from friends and family. The photos are a window into this historic moment, captured during a simple video call, a video call that will not restore our sense of normalcy but will make us feel closer just by the act of sharing the intimacy of our isolation. To this day Carlotta has photographed more than 500 people all over the world and her goal is to continue until the end of her own isolation. The next phase of this project will include publishing these portraits in a book and presenting this work in photographic exhibits around the world. Carlotta started her career in 1997 taking photos of extreme sports and then in 2002 her interest turned to show business. Carlotta has always been very passionate about capturing the essence of the human spirit, its skills to reinvent itself, its incredible endurance and its extreme fragility. Most of her work has been in collaboration with theater actors as such as the Italian comic duo Lillo & Greg. Her experience spans from photoshoots for the Italian National Public Radio (Radio2) to various collaborations with a few Italian TV channels. Her experience as a photographer has given her an appreciation for the complexity of this career, the challenges of this highly competitive field and the tenacity necessary to reach her own goals and objectives. He first camera was a Polaroid, progressing to film and then finally to digital. During her career she has also exhibited several photographic projects in various Italian cities. Besides being a portrait photographer, Carlotta has also written and published two noir novels. 

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