In the Limelight: Interview with Emilia Taneva

In the Limelight today I had a great chat with, not only a Superstar in her own right when it comes to her being a Board Certified orthodontist, but she is a Super-Influencer in travel and lifestyle on Instagram.  I’m thoroughly intrigued with Emilia Taneva because I want to know where she gets all of her energy and if she has 48 hours in her day!


Clarissa:  Hello, Emilia and welcome to In the Limelight!  I’ve taken a look at your website and your Instagram account.  I love the name that you chose! Tell everybody how you came about your handle.


Emilia Taneva:  The name of my website and my blog, is Bubbly Moments. I feel it’s a happy and lovely place where I can share all my adventures.


Clarissa: The pictures that you are taking as you’re traveling around the world as an Instagram Influencer are really beautiful. Are you doing that by yourself or did you have someone with you?


Emilia Taneva: Oh, thank you so much!  I usually travel with my husband or with my family, and they are the ones that take the photos.


Clarissa:  How do you decide what it is you’re going to wear that day? Are you the creative direction behind the picture? 


Emilia Taneva:  Usually, for each trip, I have all the outfits planned and then I have a full schedule planned day by day depending on the destination . My husband also has a lot of ideas. We decide together what angle or which settings are best for the shot.


Clarissa: You’re also a very well respected orthodontist. I understand that you’ve also been the President of the European Dental Students Association. Congratulations! Where are you from originally?


Emilia Taneva: I am originally from Veliko Tarnovo, a small city in the middle of Bulgaria. It used to be a Capital back in the 12th century. It is very historic; it has a lot of history, fortresses, and churches.


Clarissa: You’re an orthodontist and I’m assuming you work 9 to 5 in an office with you dental practice, and then you turned around one day and decided that wasn’t keeping you busy enough, so you were going to be a Super-Influencer. Walk me through that process. How did that come about and why?


Emilia Taneva:  I really enjoy traveling and we traveled a lot after I finished my residency. Two years later, I started sharing my photos with my family and friends. It started gradually, so I decided to develop the website. I usually work in my private practice three or four days a week and my schedule is flexible enough so that some months we can take a whole week.


Clarissa: Walk us through the process for anyone that is thinking about becoming an influencer on Instagram. . Truly, how much work is involved?


Emilia Taneva: It’s honestly a lot more work than seeing patients and more stressful! You have to know so many different skill sets like web design, different platforms, software, photo editing, knowing how to work with a camera or if you use your iPhone. I think the most important thing is to find your own niche. Make sure that you’re consistent with your content, whether it’s fashion, travel, cooking, etc.


Clarissa:  When you talk about your niche from an entrepreneurial standpoint, how is it that you distinguished yourself within the travel/influencer/blogger world to find a niche or even a sub-niche?


Emilia Taneva: In the beginning, I started only with travel and suddenly I transferred to lifestyle as well. Right now I also like to share more information about dentistry and orthodontics. It changes depending on my audience. When you get asked questions about your lifestyle, then you know what your audience will be interested in. That’s why I decided to expand more.


Clarissa:  How did you grow your numbers on social to the point where you are now considered a Super-Influencer?  What kind of platforms did you use? How much did you post? 


Emilia Taneva: I try to post every day on social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram. On my website I try to post at least once or twice a week or three times a month depending on how much time I have. It’s very important to keep a very organized schedule to follow and plan your content in advance. Once you are consistent, then your audience is expecting your post.


Clarissa:  You started first as a travel blogger.  Now it looks as though you moved into doing some reviews of product, too.  Did you start from the beginning with reviewing products? 


Emilia Taneva:   First the website, then the social media and after that, it was all the brand endorsements I was asked to do. It depends what I’m excited about at the moment. I usually am very familiar with the product or have used it for several weeks or months before I endorse it.

There are different types of influence platforms you can register with. Usually the brand looks at your social media channels, your numbers and your website traffic, that’s how they decide whether or not to approach you. There is TapInfluence, AspireIQ, Open Influence, for example, but there are more coming. Those platforms connect influencers and brands.


Clarissa:. Where are you off to next, beautiful lady?


Emilia Taneva: For now, I’m staying in Chicago for the next two months because I’m expecting a baby. We just came back from Connecticut last weekend so that was the last trip for the next six weeks


Clarissa: Congratulations! Is it a boy or a girl?


Emilia Taneva: Thank you!  We don’t know the gender yet, we’ll wait.


Clarissa: I’m so thrilled for you. What happens after baby? What are you thinking of for your platform, blog and influencing?


Emilia Taneva: I’ll probably have to wait a few months, but there are a lot of wonderful destinations in the US that I would like to explore first before we start traveling internationally again.


Clarissa: Well, you’re going to have to dress the baby up now!  Do you have a name?


Emilia Taneva: No names yet.


Clarissa: I am so happy for you and your husband!  That’s extraordinary news! You certainly are one busy lady!  I wish you all the best. Please keep in touch with us. We’d love to know if you had a boy or a girl and what name you chose. We’re looking forward to the news and pictures after the baby is here!


Emilia Taneva: I will!  Thanks, Clarissa! 

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook @BubblyMoments. 

Instagram @bubbly.moments.