In the Limelight: Interview with Barbara Schwartz

She calls herself the Chief Magic-Maker!  Barbara Schwartz is CEO of AccuWeight: The Bead Diet. She is one of the sponsors of In the Limelight for videos, podcasts and the magazine. By using promo code Clarissa 20, Barbara is giving you a 20% discount on your first order as a new client!


Clarissa:   Hey, Barb!  Welcome to In the Limelight!   I wanted to make sure that we fully explain to everyone what the diet is and what it isn’t. Your three steps: weight-loss, stabilization and maintenance – let’s start with the weight-loss. You talk about acupressure. You also talk about balanced nutrition and Qigong breathing.


Barbara Schwartz:  AccuWeight-Loss is revolutionary. It evolved out of Chinese practice from a thousand years ago, blended with Western detox, dieting and putting it all together for an absolute reset of your system. It is a three-step system: there is weight-loss, stabilizing and maintaining. Our long-term goal is maintenance. The short-term goal is losing the weight and/or detoxing. What’s beautiful about what we do is, it’s all-natural. We use acupressure, balanced nutrition and Qigong breathing. I call it the ABC’s of weight loss to pull together an all-natural, fast, healthy means to reset your digestive system, reset your body and reset your relationship with food. Going through the process, you’re able to lose 15 pounds minimum every month of just body fat. We’re not touching connective tissue. You’re not leaching nutrients from the bones. We are focused only on burning the body fat. There are two different ways to actually become a fat-burning machine. One is what you’re hearing about all over the place, which is ketosis. The Keto diet is a genuine way to burn fat, but you’re burning fat when doing ketosis by forcing your body into a chemistry that is putting your body nutritionally out of balance. What AccuWeight is going to do is use balanced nutrition. We’re going to put your body in a state called glycolysis, which is the body’s natural way of burning fat while being in balance. That’s why when we get to phase 2, we start to reintroduce food and build a maintenance plan for you. You’re not going to start gaining weight back because your body’s in balance and we bypass metabolism.


Clarissa: You talk about this diet being more about chemistry than calories. Can you explain that?


Barbara Schwartz: While on the Accuweight plan, we’re going to focus on the components. In this case, the Qigong is an adjunct; it’s giving other health benefits. We raise three prongs and two components: the acupressure and what’s now called intermittent fasting, Along with a balanced nutrition diet based on core ingredients which is going to allow your whole digestive system to reset back to about 10 months old like a baby’s diet. With a temporary diet change, you’re going to be re-alkalizing your digestive system back into normal PH balance. Most of us are way too acidic, that’s where acid reflux, digestion issues, heartburn and more come from. High acidity levels create inflammation and pain in the body. Also this temporary diet change will rebalance your blood sugars naturally. If you’re borderline diabetic or diabetic, have low or erratic blood sugar, this is going to be incredibly healthy for you. If you don’t have blood sugar issues, wonderful, but this will let the body rebalance the blood sugars. Another key component, also a function for maintenance is you’re going to naturally clean out your large intestine. We build up a lot of toxins in our body. One place we can reabsorb hydration and fluids in, is from our large intestine. Think of it like your kitchen sink; sometimes you need Drain-o to clean out the buildup around the pipes. The same thing, our intestines have buildup. So we’re cleaning out the large intestine naturally over time by getting this three-pronged detox. Again, we’re rebalancing your acidity levels, naturalizing PH balance, alkalizing the system, rebalancing blood sugars and we’re cleaning out the large intestine.


Clarissa: As I remember it, because it was last year, the diet consists of two days of dairy, or dairy alternatives, and two days of fruits and vegetables. Am I correct?


Barbara Schwartz: Correct. Now, these are the core ingredients: milk, whole milk, yogurt and vegan alternatives for people who don’t use dairy at all. If you are lactose intolerant as I am, you can use lactose-free whole milk and organic whole milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables – all core ingredients – you can buy in your local supermarket. What’s fun and exciting is we have over 500 recipes being used while you’re on plan and growing every day. I spoke to a client this morning that just created a new ice cream recipe because she’s doing a dairy diet. There are a lot of fun things: people drinking lattes, milkshakes and making frozen yogurt, making a lot of really creative things. For digestive health and digestive cleanse, we’re going into a chemical reaction, forcing your body into the state of glycolysis, into natural fat burning, by putting eating into the hours of noon to 6:00. It’s a specific intermittent fasting period. We do this because these are the hours where your body maximally absorbs nutrition. On a baby’s diet, we want to make sure that your body’s absorbing all the nutrition that you’re given. We do have what we call “Anytime Treats” that you can have any time of day. It’s not that you can’t have anything outside of noon to 6 but those are core eating hours. A combination of the hours of eating foods with core ingredients and the acupressure are going to trick your brain to not understand we took calories away. Since your body is not living in a calorie world, it’s just going to hunt for ways to create energy in the way body creates. Your body is going to become a fat-burning machine with this temporary diet change and the use of acupressure.


Clarissa: What about exercise? What does this diet suggest?


Barbara Schwartz: Here’s the cool part. We encourage exercise, but when we promise you a minimum of 15 pounds every month, there is no exercise required. I’ll be honest, we do get quite a few people who gained weight because of an injury or they just had surgery, can’t move then gaining weight because they’re sedentary, haven’t exercised in years and not in a position where they can. The beauty is it’s going to work with or without. Candidly, there are many health properties to exercise. We actually have an announcement coming out – which will be eligible for your followers as well – where we are aligning ourselves with a company called Zeamo; a network of gyms that’s not a gym membership, but a Zeamo membership. You’ll be able to visit any gym on the network. 


Clarissa:   This all sounds great, Barbara!  What are next steps for who might be interested in learning more?


Barbara Schwartz: I’ve given you an overview about the program, but we do have the actual podcast, “How and Why It Works” on our home page, runs half an hour, also available in Spanish. You can listen to the podcast through the website or you’ll find on the website a 

toll-free number where you can listen or should you have any questions and want to schedule a phone consult with us. We’re happy to give a one-on-one consult as well. Best way to schedule is [email protected], just say “I’d love to have a phone consult.” The other thing is every Monday night at 8 p.m., my father, Dr. Schwartz, one of our founders— and I should mention we are in our twenty third year, established in 1997. We’ve been around a long time and one of the reasons you probably haven’t heard of us is we don’t advertise, it comes from referrals.


Clarissa: I want to mention that you have given a gift to my followers and my guests. I’d love for you to tell them what that is and exactly how it can be applied.


Barbara Schwartz: When you join AccuWeight for the first time, use promo code Clarissa 20, giving you a 20% discount on your first order as a new client. You’re going to get your starter kit, a four or an eight-week plan. Even for those with less than 15 pounds to lose, if you just want to detox, we do have a two week detox; a mini version of the program. On any of our weight-loss plans, you can get a 20% discount. While you’re dipping your toe in the water and considering whether or not this is for you, on the homepage at the bottom, you can sign up for our newsletter as we launch this Zeamo relationship and be able to purchase their membership— which you can’t do direct to consumer, you need a host.