How you can travel during lock-down

Until about six weeks ago, my life was that of a Luxurious Nomad, travelling the world 24/7 and living a life most people only dream about… that was until ‘travel’ became a four-letter word.


While none of us knows what the world will look like when we finally come out of this current situation, for those of us who love to explore new places, here are some tips to keep your travel-juices flowing:


Virtual Tours

The majority of major museums and art galleries now have online virtual tours of their collections, and some even have the online equivalent of the headsets one is given that play the commentary as you progress through the institution.


In my favourite city of Vienna, The Belvedere invites you to take a virtual live guided tour of the museum on Facebook, every day at 3.00 pm ( 


Google Earth

There are few if any better ways to explore an area (when it’s not possible to physically go there) than to take advantage of Google Earth.  From the comfort of your laptop, one is able to zoom in all the way to street level and explore.


For instance, tonight I decided to explore a place that is on my Bucket List, Italy’s Herculaneum.  Not only is flyover quite astounding to get a feel for the size and complexity of the site, but by clicking on any of the marked exhibits, a window appears on the right hand side of your screen that has an abundance of high-resolution images of that exhibit.


For someone who doesn’t like crowds, this type of sightseeing has its merits!



Many travel and tourist destination have live webcams being broadcast day in and day out.  With this one of the Trevi Fountain I checkout out this evening (, there was one single, solitary person beside the fountain.


Decide where to go… and you’re there!

With no planes to catch, no luggage to pack… travelling ‘virtually’ certainly has its advantages – and until such a time as we are again able to physically travel from one place to another, this type of ‘travel’ will keep me entertained and inspired for hours…

~ Ms Bella St John,