Health-Wealth: Your Next Priority

Did you know what is on par with the dangers of dying from the coronavirus?


That’s right! Lack of exercise caused one in ten deaths worldwide or over 5.3 million fatalities yearly and globally since 2012. Health officials declared the situation as a global pandemic; Harvard researchers found that inactivity is responsible for an astounding increase in deaths from coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancers. 


Studies have shown that those with preexisting conditions are more likely to die from the coronavirus. 


Alarming statistics, wouldn’t you agree?


One of the fundamental laws of nature expresses that the weak will die, and the strong will live. 



Which of the following activities can give you back your energy and youth by rebuilding lost muscles, making you STRONGER, and boosting your immune system at maximum capacity? 

1) Yoga

2) Pilates

3) Running

4) Swimming

5) Walking

6) Lifting Weights

Right answer: #6



Increasing your strength dramatically with strength training results in a more robust immune system, which is the best vaccine against viruses.


Don’t allow excuses to hold you back.

“I am too busy!”

“I don’t like strength training. I like hiking and being outdoors.”

“When my children graduate, I will be able to take care of myself.”

“I don’t want to be bulky!”

“I walk my dog; I am ok.”

“I do yoga; I am ok!”

“Why do I need to be stronger anyway?”


A true Story

The 80 years old painter, who has diabetes and arthritis, was painting my house. He looks up at me and mutters out these words sadly:

If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!”


Becoming increasingly stronger relieves stress, anxiety, and pain while keeping the body grounded, which in turn strengthen the nervous system with the release of positive endorphins to the brain.


Note: No matter how intellectually savvy, financially accomplished, or spiritually enlightened you are, when your physical strength is down, you are more likely to be like the outdated electrical panel in the house ready to blow a fuse by plugging too many appliances.



Ideally, you can get stronger faster by going to a gym. Over the last decade, gyms improved tremendously in comparison to the days when bodybuilding came into existence. Facilities worldwide have invested millions of dollars in updating their equipment to enable people of all ages to exercise efficiently.  


If gyms are unavailable, many virtual training programs are accessible online, which eliminates any excuse, not to workout. 


A word of caution: 


Depending on a person’s fitness level, choosing exercises that rely on body weight principles, such as push-ups, pull-ups, yoga, or running stairs, may exacerbate old injuries, create new ones or put the body out of balance.


A proficient strength training program, whether done at home or in a gym, must take into consideration postural analysis and include ergonomics, proper movement biomechanics, sequencing, weight ratio, and specific numbers of sets and reps to promote sustained and gradual strength increase. 


Without proper training experience, it would not be advisable to develop a training protocol on your own, especially with such a direct impact on the brain and central nervous system. 


Your goal is to establish a healthy habit that can be sustained over a lifetime, much like brushing your teeth. 



Strength training requires you to lift more weight than you would with simple bodyweight exercises, stretching, or just walking. 


Here are some ideas for strength training at home

Buy a set of workout bands.

Buy a couple of dumbbells, use alone or in combination with the workout bands to add more resistance.

Be creative and look around your house for things that you could use, such as a gallon of water, soup cans, and cat litterbags. 


For your aerobics and general fitness, keep moving.



Power walks

Spring cleaning



Being online 18 hours a day and attending everyone’s virtual events may be more of an escape from boredom than offering real solutions. 


Make time to take care of your health. Learn to set your boundaries and say NO to loved ones in order not to hurt yourself.


The time for global transformation has arrived, but it starts with each individual first. Gandhi once said: 


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


I also love this saying: 


You don’t know what you don’t know.”


So when a specialist crosses your path, keep a receptive outlook and an open heart, as she/he as the expert might be the blessed messenger sent to open your eye of knowledge that can save your life.


Batista Gremaud
International Body Designer / Dr Fitness International co-founder