Chicago Heart Ball

April’s main event was very special to me, indeed! It saw me as part of the Executive Leadership Team for the Chicago Heart Ball. My brother, Paul, and his wife, Janet were the event chairs this year and with very good reason. My niece, Sophia, was born with a congenital heart disease. At seven years old she underwent major surgery to correct her condition.   You can imagine how we all took the news. It was devastating.   Sophia, however remained the strongest of us all! She passed her operation with flying colors and was playing with the other kids in no time flat! Now 11 years old, Sophia is the perfect spokesperson for the Heart Association.   The Heart Ball was a huge success! My brother and his wife worked hard to ensure a first-rate outcome. My personal thanks go to my friend, Alberto Festa, General Manager of Bulgari United States for donating two extremely generous gifts. The two winners will soon be on their way to Italy for the behind the scenes factory visit to Bulari where they will receive a just reward!!! Can’t say any more than that!


Loved my loaner for the evening….diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet couresty of Bulgari!


Paul and Janet Burt with Alberto Festa