Autumn Astrology Forecast


If “Now is the winter of our discontent,” we can celebrate as Richard III did in Shakespeare’s play of the same name (1594) and be hopeful that 2021 is at its’ conclusion for all the gloom and lockdowns. We’ll start with luck anew as the outer planets move out of retrograde, and get ready to move past the third Saturn-square-Uranus in December. At the very least we have seen our way through some challenges, and we better know how to prepare for another upheaval or lockdown should it happen as the outer planets move direct. A new eclipse series starts November 19 on the Taurus-Scorpio axis at 27 degrees. This is the first lunar eclipse in that zodiac sign since 2004 and it begins a new cycle of eclipses which will continue on this axis through 2022. This eclipse series focuses energy on practical needs such as shelter, safe food, supply chains, and clean water. Global weather, hunger, poverty, and environmental issues will highlight the need for action. The more we recognize and act on rebalancing global resources for good, the faster we will resolve the consequences. Pollution, corruption, and unscrupulous attempts to control the weather will be in the news. The highlight transit this fall is Saturn at 11 degrees of Aquarius squaring Uranus retrograde at 11 degrees of Taurus on December 24th. This retrograde has us reconsidering old strategies and commitments. Financial energies will be in focus. Use this energy creatively as it will be challenging. We’re changing the picture of what is valued worldwide. With Pluto in Capricorn, the changes are top down for now. Expect a financial shake up with changes in values, finances, hard currency, talents, art, jewelry, possessions, and even this planet. This will continue from now until 2025, and then Uranus moves into Gemini. You may have a sense that everything old is new again but it’s more complicated than in the good ol’ days. Balance is required between the past and the status quo. Saturn is tradition, building, manifesting, and discipline. It’s also restrictions, limitations, and loss that reflects polarization of negative and positive energies present in our physical universe. Uranus rules electrical storms. When the negative and positive ions in the physical universe meet, a few lightning bolts can occur depending on where this planet of chaos is stirring in your personal chart. If Taurus and other fixed signs are prominent for you, prepare for the unexpected. In your life a lightning strike can look like a fortuitous meeting, a promotion, a chance to try something new, love at first sight, a child being born, a move, perhaps to a new country, or, a new life where a dream can be fulfilled. Quantum energy is known to be simultaneous waves and particles. It’s not a level playing field, and that is just fine with Uranus, but disturbing to Saturn, who prefers controls and predictability, and likes for everything to be in alignment. Right now, all of the Earth is not in alignment or agreement. There is a sense that things are going astray, so we must adapt to the turbulence. Be creative. Use the earthy energy of Taurus and the excitement energy of Uranus with the manifesting influences of Saturn. Find ways to get grounded. Build things. Cook for your family. Clean out your junk. Go out for walks and offer to help neighbors or plan a yard sale. If you like to set goals, or just to clear your mind, it is good to start a journal and get in touch with your feelings about what is happening around you and in your life. How are you going to earn a living? What do you see now and what do you value? What are your possessions and what are your freedoms? It’s important to be in creation and have no fear to resonate with others of like minds. Pluto is still in Capricorn meaning we need to look at who is in charge—the people or the government? Wall Street meets Main Street. What are your personal obligations to family and community? Stay friends with your neighbors, and make sure people are cared for. Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde December 19th at 26 degrees Capricorn and is conjunct Pluto until January 29, 2022. Love and money goals get serious or delayed. Best to plan another time for a wedding or recommitment ceremony, facelift, or new hairstyle. This can affect work and can affect family relationships as the holidays approach. Finances may be strained if there is another wave of COVID-19, its variants, and new lockdowns are necessary. It will be time for a reality check, so be careful around spending and choose gifts of value the recipients will really want and use. It’s time to consider your values. Which relationships are you supporting to be successful? Changes in the financial system can trigger truth around your own economic picture from December into January 2022. You need to have financial responsibility and security, so what do you need to do to create it? Look at new options. What additional ways can you provide for your family? Can it be a family project? What can you do to provide something of service that is personal? What can you do to invest in your skill sets? What do you do hands on? What can you do as a service? How do you develop resilience? There will be new appreciation for the talents of being human. Also, take care of your physical and emotional health. This time period will affect the nervous system, especially your root chakra. Saturn in Aquarius is also in a lovely 60 degree sextile to Chiron (the wounded healer asteroid) in Aries, exact on November 27. Natural healing energies can bring people together and create new strength in communities. We have seen job turnovers and changes in working environments. This will continue for the next year and beyond, as our communities in our society keep changing. People will want help with their health and with their careers. We are reconsidering what freedom means to us. We’re also reconsidering what community looks like and means to us. Support the dream of good stewardship in your own community. We may see new truths around the global and national financial pictures. Pluto destroys, transforms, and rebuilds structure. Saturn in Aquarius helps with this rebuilding. Some will find new paths; some will let go of paths that weren’t serving them. Currency will be different with digital spending. We’re already seeing this with PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. Countries will decide if they want to have digital currencies, or whether they want to have one global digital currency. Be responsible; no overspending. Avoiding risk this fall is prudent. Capricorn and its ruler Saturn can give you strength. Capricorn is generally conservative. It rules budgeting and financial conservatism. People will need backup power. People will need a port in the storm. People will need to make contacts and to have community. Uranus also rules digital communication and digital security will be paramount. Companies that create new management for protection of personal data will be successful. Currently, money is being pulled out of the air. And currencies are being devalued. Resources are being devalued. Volatility in precious metals, crude oil, and currencies is another reflection of the Saturn/Uranus waning square, and its propensity to exhibit divergences in financial markets. We could see rampant inflation. It will take careful management to ensure that we do not move to a depression, so be sure to have enough cash on hand for emergencies. The last time Uranus was in the sign of Taurus was from 1934 to 1942-the years of the Depression and the beginning of World War World War II. The solution to this is to stay grounded and calm and be of service. Mercury goes retrograde at 25 degrees of Libra on September 27th to 10 degrees of Libra on October the 19th. Return texts but be wary of old flames. Your words, and how you speak them, will be important because people are understanding and perceiving communication in new ways. It’s important to be open to new ways in ideas, projects, and conversations. Be responsible with your words; understand how they’ll be received. With Saturn and Jupiter both in Aquarius, getting to the truth will be challenging but decisive. Community and social groups you’ve left may pop back into the picture, or beckon you to participate. Before the retrograde time, ensure that your computer is up to snuff and that you have all of the communication tools that you need, checked, charged, and in top shape. Have battery backups, USBs, anything else that you need to support communications for yourself and for your business. As with the retrograde, there can be shortages in supply lines. There may be time periods when communication could be limited. Consider what you want to share. What dialog do you want to open with which people? What longer discussions do you need to reopen? Retrogrades mean returning to conversations long held in your mind but not completed. This is the time when you can heal old wounds with Saturn aspecting Chiron in Aries. You can free yourself from old debts. Find the good in the past and the future. Jupiter in Aquarius continues retrograde from until October 18. You may be relearning skills. Jupiter can bring hope, abundance and optimism; it is a deeply philosophical and spiritual planet. Expect a greater sense of introspection and lesson learning in this period. Jupiter also rules your desire to explore the world and inspire curiosity for paths less travelled. Remember, during a retrograde, the unexpected happens in travels, so any trips or plans to travel may require extra attention to execute. When Jupiter returns to Pisces in the last few days of the year, we may collectively sense some light at the end of the tunnel. Jupiter brings abundance and wisdom when we control excess, zealotry and fanaticism. A sense of idealism will prevail; extend compassion towards all humanity, not just those who agree with your own beliefs. Being able to consider and accept other viewpoints and stay true to what is true for you without judgment is the best use of Jupiter’s wisdom and light. May love and the force be with you and yours, and all of us on this big beautiful blue marble in the galaxy. September 27 – October 19

Mercury is retrograde in Libra; good for anything “re.” Review, remember, rebuild, renovate. Signing contracts or long-term commitments is best done in November. Librans born October 10 to 19 may notice this most directly as it is crossing your sun.

September 29 – October 1

Moon, Neptune, and then Venus in Scorpio creates a grand trine. Then Venus squares Jupiter to set the stage for romance and an excess of beauty, emotions, and passion in vision quests. Create some beauty and avoid overwhelming a love interest with too many texts or emojis. Bosses or clients may be more of a challenge due to a T-square between retrograde Mercury, the Moon, and Pluto. Work on creative action plans that show an easy route to success if you want to be taken seriously, and wait for the New Moon next week if presenting new plans; they may seem unrealistic now. Water signs may experience luck.

October 6 – 8

On Wednesday, the New Moon in Libra is conjunct warrior Mars making this a great time to build an action plan for 2022. Later, when the Moon trines Jupiter and conjuncts Mercury it’s a great time to reach out and make peace with loved ones. Libra is a cardinal leadership sign, ruled by Venus so it values balance and happy camaraderie. Kindness counts in common ground. Pluto in Capricorn goes direct that same day, so there may be some balancing action globally. Pluto rules power and transformation, and while still in Capricorn, this is in the hands of governments and corporations, so there may be news of new leaders, mergers, or infrastructure successes. October 9 – 12

Expect a very auspicious weekend (and Canadian Thanksgiving) with potential for love, fun, and compassion as the Sun joins Mercury, Mercury joins Mars, and the Moon dances with all the inner planets. Saturn follows Pluto’s lead, and goes direct now too, in Aquarius, nicely supported by Venus on October 13 to manifest and build. News about new tech or restrictions in online business or social media may happen throughout October. Plant some idea seeds this week as the Moon moves into the second quarter in earthy Capricorn. Tuesday has more heat with some power struggles shaping up as Moon in Capricorn squares Mars and the Sun.

October 15

The early birds can enjoy a lovely auspicious trine of Sun, Moon, and Jupiter at 8:30 am EDT. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra Air signs born on the 11th to 13th are under the spotlight this Friday. Some tech companies or social media may share big news. Mercury is still retrograde, so keep it lighthearted.

October 17 – 18

Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius go direct in air signs and trigger a shift in communications. With the Sun squaring Pluto earlier on Sunday, there can be lots of action on the global front between countries, companies, and peoples. Mars in Libra, trine Jupiter, creates expansion and it is a good time to watch the skies for news, talks of peace, and sharing ideas.

October 20

The Wednesday Full Moon forms a dynamic T square with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto creating a fervent energy that is challenged on Friday by free-spirited Mars squaring stodgy Pluto in cardinal, authoritative Capricorn. Best use of this energy is to do something practical or build something. By Sunday the 24th you’ll feel like socializing as Mercury picks up some speed.

October 26 – 31

With the Moon in her third quarter in Cancer, these two days are good for planting trees or perennials for next year’s garden. Some may feel creative (music and art and intuition are triggered) or just build castles in the air on Tuesday. Have fun, but stay grounded. Dreams may be insightful. Halloween is dreamy and fun with Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter; expect creative parties and costumes with the Sun in spooky Scorpio.

November 3 – 4

Wednesday is a great day to finish up projects with the Moon in cardinal Libra with Mercury in a lovely aspect to Venus that may fulfill travel plans or teaching. The New Moon on Thursday in Scorpio is passionate, and unexpected events around hidden issues, relationships, finances, and possibly Earth changes can be triggered with the Sun in watery, secretive Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. Digital currencies and news about national finance can be revealed. It may get a little cutthroat. Listen carefully to all the data and know what is true; don’t be complacent about your security. With Venus changing signs the following day to Capricorn, there may be more austerity, discipline, or government positioning in global currencies, or some changes as machinations happen. Budgeting is a good use of this energy through November.

November 10 to 12

Passionate Mercury and Mars in Scorpio may create a confrontation (both are squaring Saturn), echoing the Saturn Uranus square. This will have the plans of authority fighting those who refuse to be oppressed. Something is ready to explode, or plans will backfire. This energy is stubborn and volatile, so put off sensitive negotiations for another time. Some may be able to make romance on Thursday evening and peace on Friday morning as Sun trines Neptune. Note your dreams and ask for messages from your angels. Take care not to overturn apple carts on Saturday the 13th as Mercury opposes Uranus. By evening all is peaceful, and Sunday is a day for fun.

November 15 to 20

Expect the unexpected this week with three squares from inner planets to wise open Jupiter as information comes to light with a lone wolf lunar eclipse applying on Friday. Emotional housekeeping will be the order of the day. Let go of past resentments and open the door to feeling lighter and happier. Mars opposes Uranus, but Mercury trine Neptune and Venus trine Uranus could open up transactions, retail, and the markets with handshakes to create a volatile, no holds barred week of negotiations. Some may choose to walk the floor to another party, leave a stagnant relationship, or reveal tempers long held back. Sunday some are empowered to take a stand and regain dignity and strength.

November 23 to 28

With the Moon in family-loving Cancer and then moving to sunny Leo on Thursday, Thanksgiving plans are underway as Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius ruled by abundant Jupiter. Travel and optimism in anticipation of the holiday abounds. It’s a great time to reconnect with family and friends or make some new friends. Late in the day on Thanksgiving with tummies full, a mothering Moon opposing patriarchal Saturn could create some contentious energy, so leave politics and pharma out of the conversations and put that energy into a fun game of Monopoly or Jenga. Hanukkah begins at sundown on the 28th with a lovely Mars trine Neptune applying the next morning. It will be an inspiring and dreamy week as we enter December; get in touch with your biggest goals in life. December 1 to 5

This is a week when anything is possible! Imagine coming together to create, enjoy productivity, and feel inspiration. The week culminates in a lovely solar eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday December 4. Enjoy the weekend. Thursday the 2nd is auspicious for Scorpio, Pisces, and Capricorn. It’s a good week for anyone to close cycles and finish up projects for successful completion with Moon in the last quarter.

December 6 to 12

A volatile week. Some let down can happen after the weekend. Markets may be up and down, as can spirits. Get all the facts as some may be targeting others with accusations. Stay above the fray and keep your powder dry as Mars squares Jupiter on Tuesday. Some will be righteous. Better to be loved than be right. The truth is often relative. Scorpio and Capricorn may want to be on top.

December 13 – 19

Expect a bit of dichotomy this week as Mars enters enthusiastic Sagittarius and Mercury enters cautious, conservative Capricorn. Combining the two can create a good budget for the holidays, and plans that are fun but realistic. Saturday’s Full Moon trine Jupiter can mean a good time. On Sunday, Venus goes retrograde as the planet of love moves back into your past. Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, moves direct the same day, so some will be healing with new awareness of opportunities to let go of blame and see others as perfect spirits with just imperfect actions that seemed right at the time. Kindness counts for you and others.


Fiery and tenacious to the core, September finds you taking time to reflect, with all the outer planets still moving retrograde, but backing up won’t be that simple. As you move into October it’s time to take action and this is the ideal month! Even if you have weighed all the pros and cons, give yourself some elbow room, especially with relationships (personal or work) as Mars, your ruler, moves through Libra the sign ruling your house of one-on-one through October. Passion and play, or finding a balance between the two that works, will give you the support you need through to the end of 2021. Venus into your fire sign’s buddy Sagittarius on October 8 could bring unexpected news about travel or new work opportunities coming your way through to the end of the year. Planning a trip will capture your imagination. Why put off until tomorrow a dream you can start today? Jupiter in Aquarius brings fun with kids or creative projects that can bring extra cash; even just posting a few items in a local market. Saturn also in this freedom loving sign helps you manifest new group opportunities to be creative. Efficiency frees up time for play when you plan your daily activities. Even if you are happy at work, you may be tempted by an attractive offer with Saturn manifesting as it applies to square Uranus, planet of unexpected events in your 2nd house of earnings. Keeping your options open lets a window open if a door closes. New relationships will develop slowly but surely.


Lovely, grounded, and earthy Taurus, with your ruler Venus ruling Uranus in your sign, fall looks to be a busy time for you. You might be tempted to slack off on your workout routine. Just be sure not to over-extend your break, or you’ll pay the price when you have to start over. Cut down on takeout foods. Preparing your own healthy meals is the key to a healthier lifestyle. Along the same line, a budget reassessment confirms your calculations are dead on. Spend wisely, and you may even be able to see extra money. A contract seems to have more potential than you might have ever imagined. Some minor obstacles may annoy you and complicate your life, but remain calm. With Saturn in your house of social position and career applying to square Uranus in your first house of personal presence, you’ll need to be patient during this time period. You want everything done right away. But everything will happen in due time. You may start new routines, new diets, or new jobs. Or you may choose to relocate to fulfill a dream. It may not be easy to get back to a routine after such an amazing summer. A friend may want more than just a friendship. And you may feel pressured in a relationship at work, or at home; but you don’t want anyone to get hurt. Have the courage to talk openly. Your candor will be appreciated. And a friend will understand where you’re coming from. Start preparing your home for the winter, as you may be busy later this fall. You’re open to new beginnings, and you could be pleasantly surprised. Gemini

Creative communicator Gemini, with Jupiter and Saturn both starting the fall in Aquarius in a lovely trine to your Sun, new challenges at work will spark your interest. You’ll demonstrate that you are dependable and trustworthy at work or with family. A friend or ally may offer you a space that you might enjoy for work or hobby. You may have to organize things a little, but you’ll be very comfortable and enjoy the company. You may develop a very critical mindset and speak up this fall, just don’t go too far. If things don’t go your way when you carry out some repairs, ask for help or plan ahead to have the right tools or the right people with you. Expressing yourself is important, but choose your words carefully to avoid hurting anyone. Gemini rules communication, and connection will be important this fall, especially with your ruler Mercury going retrograde September 26th to October 17th. In terms of health, your lungs may be affected so do some deep breathing and be careful not to push yourself too far. Taking walks or riding your bike is a great way to get some fresh air. And if someone tags along, it’s even more fun. Have a workout buddy. The planet Uranus in Taurus in your 12th house of health and secrets may find you reconsidering values and relationships or becoming actively creative in caring for the health of those you love. Neptune in Pisces may find you spending more time commuting, or making arrangements to get an anticipated sum of money that you’ve been expecting. You also may be developing new habits to get improved results.


Emotional water leader Cancer, during this hectic time of year, you’ll be working more than usual and you won’t even notice. But other people will, and you’ll be rewarded. With Saturn and Jupiter both moving through your house of resources you’ll have lots of opportunity to make decisions about how you’re going to use what you have, and what you’ve been given. Your talents are showcased during this time. You may be considering buying a house or a rental property. This may have been in your plans for a while, but you’ll consider it even more now. There may also be a new addition to your family. Take your time to do the research that you need on any of these possibilities. You may even consider moving. If you find that you’re overwhelmed at work to the point that you have to find creative ways to finish your tasks, you can do that while Mars is in passionate Scorpio trine Sun through November into mid-December. Don’t forget to spend quality time with your friends and family. Any imbalance in this could cause you fatigue or extra stress. Plan a romantic getaway, an evening out, or a short trip you’ve been dreaming about. Something may be postponed, but it will give you something to look forward to for later. Someone you have shared a long past with may return to surprise you or delight you. If your finances allow it, you may be thinking about starting a new side hustle. With Neptune at the top of your chart and in retrograde, go slowly, collect advice, and protect your investments. Your creativity may bring abundance. Leo

Constant sunshine, solid leader Leo, the upcoming Saturn Uranus square from your house of relationship to your house of career and social position may find your workload higher than normal. You’ll have your hands full and you may want to think about bringing someone else into your company; someone to assist you. The return will be worth it. Be sure to recognize what everyone’s duties and responsibilities are and reward accordingly. Fall is business as usual and it will be far from quiet. Expect organizational and financial adjustments at work where your opinion will be respected and your colleagues will count on you. Loyalty and integrity are important to you, and it will be essential to carry out any tasks you consider to be yours. There are many parts of your life that need reorganizing. You can’t do everything. Ask for help. Temper your expectations. Reward yourself after long days at work. Prioritize your relationships, and your family. The planet Venus in your house of romance, creativity, and children will bring happy times and unparalleled harmony. With Mercury retrograde in Libra through to October 17th communications with siblings and neighbors may require diplomacy. Steering away from social media where your words may be misinterpreted is probably a good plan. Well planned, intimate moments and having fun with someone you love will be on your agenda in October and December. Will you meet someone new? Expect passionate or precious moments. Share your life with another loving person. Appreciation starts at home.


Organized and meticulous Virgo, career and work or being of service are already huge parts of your life, but this fall your work is more important and exciting than ever. You may think about starting a business, but your family could be concerned. It will be your job to persuade them and bring them into the loop if it is something you really want. It will also be important to find a balance between your professional and personal life. With Mercury retrograde through October communications may be challenging around finances and values, so keep communications open and resolve anything in November. With Saturn and Jupiter transiting your house of everyday activity and work there may be new opportunities for you, or someone close to you may be asked to be of service in some way. Take care of your health because your body could face the consequences of not enough sleep. Establish a routine of getting the hours of rest that you need. And take care of yourself as much as you take care of those around you; you like to help. You may be looking for reassurance or gentleness and you may find it in someone who cares for you. You may both have the same expectations. And you may do each other good. Uranus in your house of travel and education finds you wanting to discover new ideas and new places. Take a walk out in nature or plan a getaway. With Venus in Scorpio, love is in the air. Having fun at the theater, spending quality time together, or just being close can be comforting and rejuvenating. Even Halloween can be a real treat for you this year.


Cardinal balance loving Libra, you may love your work or your job, but you could find yourself wanting to add to your talents by taking special training or a new course. Everyone knows you’re good at what you do, but you believe in going the extra mile. You will want to see concrete results after talking about a project with a family member or a family member perhaps leaving the nest. A decision you’re considering may have inevitable consequences, but take the necessary steps. Jupiter and Saturn in your house of creativity may find you wanting freedom, or may find a new family member being added. As this is also the house of children, the square from Saturn to Uranus in your house of resources may find you creating new opportunities to add to your bottom line. Your standard of living Is comfortable, but put your money to good use. Avoid superficial purchases with Mars moving through your house of values and earnings in November. You may have been considering a major investment. Facing the situation, you’ll rely on your good judgement; just be consistent in your decisions. The key to being healthy is consuming wholesome foods and resting well. Your days may be long, so take time to relax. Libra is ruled by Venus which is transiting your first and second house, and may have you wanting to change your physical appearance, wardrobe, or potentially, your earnings. Giving creative ideas to your work action driver Mars, while it’s traveling through Libra, will bring decisiveness and energy to make things happen. Create some fun while you’re doing it.


Passionate, driven Scorpio, you may find that you need to reevaluate your priorities and go back to your core values. Don’t forget yourself in the whirlwind of everyday life. Look at the big picture to put things back into perspective. Take advantage of your deeper qualities. Mars in your 12th house of self-examination and wellness—and then in your first house of physical presence—will make you want to feel well inside, and this fall you’ll take the necessary steps to get there. Physical exercise, diet, sleep habits, and alone time all will be important. Listen to your body and be aware of your needs. Well-being and joy won’t be found in work, but in balance. You may feel a little like a hamster on a wheel and getting off could be harder than in the past. Life is full of really difficult choices, but this time they are necessary. Any changes you make now will be the first step you take towards a brighter future. With the planet Uranus in your house of relationships, love at first sight may no longer be something that happens to other people as it squares Saturn in your house of home and family. An un- expected passion can inspire you and make you feel unsettled. Intense and unforgettable moments await you. You may crave physical contact now, so live in the moment and enjoy this unusual adventure. Intimacy finds its way back into your relationships, even after many years. You may decide to start working on some things that you haven’t been happy with for some time. Take care not to absorb everything like a sponge. You want to make a difference, but you’ll have to create some emotional distance. Someone close to you may need your help and you are happy to be there for them.


Fiery and fun seeking Sagittarius, with Jupiter and Saturn in your house of siblings and neighbors, you may be having fun with family, at neighborhood events and barbecues, or even going back to school. As you get back to work enjoying new projects, you may go on a business trip and discover inspiring new cultures and friends. Sagittarius loves to be open to the world, and travel is a great way to get a new point of view. Your work could take you overseas or Zooming globally. With the passion you have for the job, you will go far. This fall will be filled with obligations, but you will succeed in taking some time for yourself. Going to a show, watching a movie, reading, or enjoying time with family will be part of your new found balance between work and entertainment. You’ll be in good company. With Mars in your house of social groups and organizations, you may find yourself being included in a management group or offered a position to be a leader. As this planet of action then moves into your house of consciousness and caring, you may find yourself looking after a senior or contributing to a senior’s group, or long-term care home, and it will open new doors for you. Alternately, you could become a fixture in your children’s school, perhaps celebrate Halloween with decorations and costumes. Your joy is contagious, and others want to join your party. You may find that your financial situation needs a bit of a recovery plan. Try making some payments and become debt free once and for all. This month you may bring the means to do that as Jupiter and Saturn stimulate your creative communication. Saving is easy when you stay on top of commitments, so get creative and cut down on superfluous expenses.


Grounded, earthy, Capricorn, your ruler Saturn is in Aquarius, and it’s now in your house of earnings and values. Jupiter is there too and brings expansion and abundance and a desire for freedom. You’ll find a balance between your work and your personal life, but it may be challenging, especially with school time in full swing. You’ll have no choice but to delegate. Surround yourself with trustworthy people and count on a great support network. You may find that you have some joint or lower back pain perhaps from a past injury that hasn’t healed or a psychic wound of feeling you are supposed to carry the load. Do what’s needed to deal with this lingering pain once and for all. Energy work and frequency healing programs can help. You may have recently relocated, or may be looking to relocate or to start up a new business. This challenge comes as Saturn wants you to build new things, and create new freedoms for yourself. Changes in family, or in your circle of friends, may alter your daily routine or be a bit destabilizing. Review your priorities; let go of the past and what you can’t control. With Uranus moving through your house of creativity, you may find fun in your family life or you may find yourself diving into hobbies that give you a sense of accomplishment. Whether single or part of a couple you may feel like investing time in a relationship. Make sure the person is in the same place as you are. Live what you need to live. Fulfill yourself creatively. With the applying Saturn Uranus square exact this December, you may find that hobbies bring you extra income as it touches your house of values and your house of creativity, romance, and childhood dreams.


You are unique and can be eccentric. With wisdom and abundant freedom seeking Jupiter energy in your first house, as well as Saturn wanting to manifest, you may find yourself wanting to transform your home, your body, or your place of work. It can be a busy period and your routine can be completely altered, but a positive atmosphere will reign. Expect changes to be beneficial for all the members of your family. Everyone will be delighted by good news. You are eager to learn with Jupiter there, and you may want to take some extra training or online classes. Constantly thinking of serving others better, you’ll come up with some good ideas. You may find that life is not challenging enough for you, with the Saturn Uranus square. Do some yoga or meditation, and be proud of yourself for taking action and taking care of your body. Drink plenty of water to avoid headaches. Your schedule is hectic and you may have trouble finding the time to meet new people. Your home may be an active spot. If you’re single, an old flame may show up. If you’re in a couple, your partner will glow with happiness after a surprise from you brings them joy. You know perfectly well that love has to be nurtured. Mars traveling through Libra and your house of work, after your house of travel, may you find you traveling for work or planning a get together to take your family to new places across the country. Organizing trips with friends and family becomes your responsibility. You have all it takes to go far in life. You’ll feel ambitious and not afraid to take action. The Saturn Uranus square may make you question the work that you’re doing, but whatever you’re doing you will create success around you.


Intuitive, sensitive, and caring Pisces, you may be active on social media searching for old friends and family you haven’t seen for some time. Or you may start organizing events involving other people, or make changes to your physical body. A trip with loved ones could take shape as you want to spend quality time with them, excited to share precious moments with the people you love. With Neptune in your first house, you can be feeling creative, but fears and concerns can make you anxious. Manage your emotions and prevent them from taking over. See the pluses. Your artistic talents could take the lead at work. Full of interesting ideas, you’ll want to share them with your coworkers or your family. Be sure their involvement is realistic and express yourself clearly. With Uranus in your house of siblings and neighbors, square to Saturn and Jupiter in your 12th house, you may find yourself, family members or neighbors dealing with health issues or in long term care, or having to move to take care of health concerns. Jupiter makes this easier. Transforming, deep Pluto in Capricorn in your house of social groups may find you taking a leadership role in an organization or in a nonprofit group that helps other people in some way. You may build a home, or help someone to move from one home to another. Transiting Mars in your house of resources and then your house of travel may find you planning a trip, dealing with an inheritance, updating a will, checking on your investments, or helping someone else do the same. You may plan to take a new class, or assist in teaching a class. Enjoy the journey.